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    Head Gasket Leaking :( - SL320

    Not sure, I think that it'll just leak more than before.
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    Head Gasket Leaking :( - SL320

    Don't leave it Fais, it'll only get worse. I had a change of head gasket done on my E320. It cost about £800 at a stealership. But be careful............ The job of changing the gasket may also damage the engine wiring loom. I know that W124s especially the 320s, 400s, 420s 500s and 600s...
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    BBC Weather

    The graphics appear to be okay but the thing missing for me is the wind direction arrows (including speed) or even isobars. I sail and dive along the English Channel and to me these items are important if I am to decide whether the trip is on or not.
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    Apart from the rust bubbles over the wheel arch, is the car in good nick? If so and you intend to keep it, get the rust cut out and have new arches put in otherwise you'll be just wasting your money. There are resprays and resprays. Anything from £1000 to £8000 bare metal respray (I'd expect).
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    Can Anyone help?? Borrow a wheel.

    I have a set of four 8 hole alloy wheels plus bolts for a W210. They have no tyres though, little corrosion and could be used as winter wheels. If you were interested there is the problem that I live in Somerset.
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    Keep on with your E500.ORG web-site. Sometime ago I remember looking at another site devoted to this marque. On it there was a posting on selling a 500 but when I approached him, he had changed his mind. Cannot afford to keep both my cab and a 500, such a pity!
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    w140 500 coupe power loss

    Although I run a W124 E320 (not a W140 500 coupe), I have been warned that if I experience anything similar to what you are getting, have the engine wiring harness checked out first. If the harness malfunctions, I have been told that it can screw up the various systems located under the...
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    CLK Cabriolet Boot space

    If the CLK cabrio is anything like the W124 cabriolet, the boot space is okay just for 3 medium soft bags. I also have a wind deflector in situ in the boot. This takes up a lot of space though.
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    I am sure that the year was 2002 as then, I commuted from Kent to Somerset via M25/M3/A303. It would have been a Friday but that is all I can remember. I think the registration mark was a personal one. The model was a facelift E500. Sorry I can remember no more..or is this a wind-up? LOL
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    It was metallic blue black, I think. The same colour as the car I was driving which was an E220. I sold that in January this year and now have an E320 cabriolet sportline. I looked for an E500 but saw two tired vehicles before coming across the cab.
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    They are just brilliant cars and in my book, the best that Mercedes ever built except for one, the E60AMG. I just love the shape of the W124. With the E500, those wheel arches flared by Porsche with the 8J wheels are just something else. I followed one down the M3 some while ago, he was...
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    Electric aerial

    Hi Pluggers, Not wishing to steal your thunder, I've cut and paste mast replacement instructions taken from an american web-site. Unfortunately no piccys so I'll be interested in your posted instructions with views. Mast replacement, both OEM Hirshman units. One (toothed) was balky...
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    W124 odometer trip u/s

    Today I took my car out for a drive. I reset the trip odometer to zero and drove off. From that moment, I heard a "tick" sound, it appeared to come from the area near the petrol filler cap! When I was stationary in traffic, the "tick" sound was not apparent but, when I drove off, I heard it...
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    top down

    Also went for a ride with the top down. But I had the windows up, te wind deflector installed and the climate control on. Yes it's good to pose but at my age, I'm just kidding myself.
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    Have I done the right thing?

    I recommend that before purchasing you should have a HPI check done on this car. For a full search, you'll need the VIN number, number plate index, V5 cert number and the MOT serial number. With the VIN number visit the MB Russian web-site to get full details of the vehicle as it left the...
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    Great drive!

    I just love those type of drives, I just don't want them to end but to go on forever. I take my cabriolet out for a quiet spin around the Blackdown Hills here in Somerset. It makes car ownership worthwhile.
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    I agree entirely with John (Glojo). The important thing is to show that you are honest with yourself. You left your last employment as your stay there was not in your best interests and that of your employer. At the interview of your next job, show that any mistake made by either you or...
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    Car park dent

    Sorry to hear that some moron has dented your car. For this same reason, I purchased an old ford escort to do the kids' run and supermarket shopping etc. I don't take my merc out unless I know that I am going to park it somewhere safe. This does restrict the mileage that I do but when I...
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    Carlsson 17" wheels for sale

    yes the above threads are all fine the tyres come with the wheels! LOL
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    speed on motorway

    Perhaps we should do away with speed limits altogether. In which case, if in the course of driving you have an accident, the book should be thrown at you. Severe penalties for not anticipating others actions which result in damage to property or loss of life, should be awarded. I used the...
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