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    Independent chesterfield

    BENZ Service Centre (01623 239893) Mansfield has been servicing my CLK for last 5 or 6 years, very satisfied customer.
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    Mercedes CLK 220CDI Instrument Cluster

    Had similar problem with my 280CLK ,new ignition switch.
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    R129 500sl Overheating in Traffic

    Over heating, sediment in radiator/engine?
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    M156- fussy on fuel?

    How optimistic is the OBC?'
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    clk 230 w208 electrical "event"

    Had similar problem with my CLK 209, it always started, no instruments etc. New battery solved the problem. The old battery has been in my Ponton for over 2 years and still works.
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    Rattling at Front.

    My CLK had a rattle at the R/H front, it turned out to be a loose caliper. No clonks when breaking.
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    Owners manual?

    Just keep looking on Ebay, it may take a few months
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    Owners manual?

    Try Ebay
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    Autonomous Cars

    Agree with Vintage Racer, hopefully I will be long gone
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    WANTED: CLK 02-06 Owners handbook.

    Try Ebay. A few years ago I got a spare complete hand book, command etc and zipper case for around £20.
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    Owners Manual E 270 2005 Avantgarde.

    Try Ebay for hard copy
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    Massive discount, used car

    Election results?
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    Speed Awareness Course and insurance (again)

    I believe the police make money on SAC
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    Downsizing wheels for smoother ride

    I changed from 17 to 16 inch on my CLK, marginal better ride, tyres about 30% cheaper and may last longer. Handling for normal road use about the same and less tyre noise.
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    CLK dash nothing no wipers

    Forgot, before throwing money at the problem get the codes read using STAR
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    CLK dash nothing no wipers

    The new switch was coded to use with original keys
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    CLK dash nothing no wipers

    Had similar problem with my CLK, no fuel or engine temperature. New ignition switch.
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    w204 c250 7speed auto gearbox fault

    Had electroplate job done on my CLK a few years ago, around £500.
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    LHD floor mats in a RHD

    Ebay, about £30 and fit very well.
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    LHD floor mats in a RHD

    look on ebay, that's where I got mats for my RHD W209 CLK.
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