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    2010 W221 Widscreen

    Evening chaps could any one advise of a replacement windscreen for a S500L 2010 I have had the car about 3-4 weeks and have picked up a horrific crack from the near side A pillar running horizontal about 6"-7". My concerns are that the car has Mercedes warranty still and i'm lead to...
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    The age old ipod question?

    Just a little update on my situation. I have been doing alot of resurch on how to intigrate the ipod to my car, and i had justified the cost to myself and was about to take the plunge..... Untill!! I actually just pluged in my ipod. I have an ipod classic and i just plugged it in via a...
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    The age old ipod question?

    Cheers guys i will do just that. Looks like it will be an expensive retrofit..... Anyone got any tips for justifying to the missus?? Lol
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    The age old ipod question?

    Morning chaps. Been a while since i last posted, infact i forgot my old log on details.... So im back to a newbie!! Lol I have had a good search through the forum but i cant find 100% clarification to my question, and my local Mercedes dealership isnt being particularly helpful. I...
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