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  1. TheEnd

    P1856 Selector Lever Position Detection Has Failed / W211 E220 2004

    I had this issue yesterday afternoon. Wasn't sure what I was going to be facing until I had a look with STAR and it told me if was the shifter position sensors I followed the guide here to get everything out. I had the flip up console and you'll find two screws for that hidden under the rear...
  2. TheEnd

    COMAND date...

    So have a look at the date, mine was showing 01/01/00, with no way of adjusting this. The timeline of events, - Mercedes created- Berlin wall comes down Titanic smashes box office results 21 Oct 2018 - all Mercs with sat nav jump forward by two hours, the date displays correct but the year...
  3. TheEnd

    COMAND date...

    Well, it's glitch day again!
  4. TheEnd

    Dealer system destroying remapped ECU's

    Tuning is something I do, although more for BMWs, and I don't often get involved with Merc stuff. On the majority of current ECUs, there has been tuning protection, this type of protection tended to allow reading of the ECU, but you couldn't write to it without the correct passwords (or rather...
  5. TheEnd

    COMAND date...

    I feel like one of those "end is nigh" people, but it's looking like it's midnight tonight, "If you go forward another 1024 weeks, or 19.7 years, from GPS’s 1999 rollover moment, you end up at the stroke of midnight that divides… …tomorrow from Sunday! That’s when Saturday 06 April 2019 turns...
  6. TheEnd

    COMAND date...

    A little bump for this thread, tomorrow is the actual GPS Rollover. I'm currently showing 05/04/77. It's 24 weeks after the first glitch happened (which I think is assuming a rollover happened at 1000 weeks instead of 1024) and the real one is going to be 06/04/19. I'm going to guess that the...
  7. TheEnd

    "Cheap"? E55

    I was just about to ask that, as I was under the impression the "Black Plague" of everyone doing a black series started a few years later. Certainly very well optioned though, although unusual to see the panoramic roof not being present as that was far more common than distronic or linguatronic.
  8. TheEnd

    W211 (and others) Alarm siren fix DIY

    Recently I've had a few issues where instead of the 3 flashes on locking (and chirps in my case) I have been getting one flash (and chirp), a brief pause, and then fast flashing of the indicators, usually followed by the alarm going off. This is a symptom of the internal batteries having...
  9. TheEnd

    Anyone seen any good number plates on cars lately?

    I saw T4NKS but it was sadly on a BMW rather than a rubber tracked Abrams which I felt was a bit of a waste, also DO51 COW on an Aston Martin.
  10. TheEnd

    VIN Decode Request - and a Query..

    Maybe someone just googled SL55 VINs, found one mentioned on a US forum or from a US advert, and copied it, not realising the US has quite a different format to the rest of the world.
  11. TheEnd

    VisseO remote??

    The tricky thing is the MB4 would stream music, and the MB4+ doesn't. The "plus" obviously meaning they've added "no more streaming" as an extra option!
  12. TheEnd

    VisseO remote??

    One of the older Viseos would stream music over FM, so it's likely to be the controls for that
  13. TheEnd

    fuel additives or not

    The fuel companies do avoid any reference to being a performance booster in itself. They tend to make references to restoring lost performance from the use of cleaners.
  14. TheEnd

    P0438 EML ICARSOFT MB2 help request LIVE DATA

    There's a specific exhaust gas temperature sensor, separate to the lambda sensors- One can be seen here, just before the catalytic converter, numbered "130" Mercedes-Benz EPC. E 212.257 , E STATION WAGON, Market Europe, North America, Japan, Group EXHAUST SYSTEM, Schema of EXHAUST SYSTEM USED...
  15. TheEnd

    722.6 gearbox fault p2312 and 2312

    Yes, that certainly could be. It's not anything mechanical like ratio monitoring or transmission slip, but communication over CAN bus which would be either oil on the connector affecting the data, or maybe power to the gearbox electronics. CAN bus errors like that can be fairly common, just...
  16. TheEnd

    Clk w209 320 BAS /abs malfuction after front wheels bearings replacement

    You might need to check a parts catalogue to see if there were any year by year variations, since different looking pulse rings followed by ABS issues looks like you've got the wrong ones fitted.
  17. TheEnd

    COMAND date...

    One issue that could come up is 1976 / 2076 is a leap year, and it'll be expecting another one in 4 years time. The next leap year is two years away, so if the "year" part won't change, it can screw up the dates. Maybe in 24 weeks when the rollover happens, it might do something. Maybe a...
  18. TheEnd

    Today I found these plates in the boot...

    It's part 305 in this diagram- - edit make that part 320 - A2118980096 Mercedes-benz | Looks like a rubber pad to go under the spare wheel
  19. TheEnd

    Best battery maintenance device

    I've got the good old lead acid. I might swap to AGM for better reliability. Since it was an older system with two parallel batteries, they need to match up in characteristics, otherwise one will keep discharging into the other. Split chargers tended to be used on other vehicles where more than...
  20. TheEnd

    Best battery maintenance device

    I'm after something similar as my 8 series has an annoying battery drain, and there's 2 big batteries in it too. I've been looking around at the "Smart" chargers, and one feature I'm looking for is the high frequency de-sulphating which can appear on some of the fancier ones. That should help...
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