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  1. J

    Mercedes parts

    Mercedes Benz of Newcastle eBay store for me.
  2. J

    AdBlue dilemma - C205 C220d

    If you have the equipment then the pump etc. can be reset, but I believe the tank needs to be full to do this. According to my mechanic anyway.
  3. J

    AdBlue dilemma - C205 C220d

    Had the same issues on my C205 when decided to syphon the tank with a pela 6000. In the end I simply added fresh in with anti crystallising fluid. I then disconnected the adblue injector from the exhaust and cleaned the outlet and the injector itself. And boy did they need doing.
  4. J

    Vacuum oil extractor

    I have had and used a pela 6000 for years. Really good. Probably undertaken 20 odd services with it.
  5. J

    Mysterious “bong” as we pass a specific location

    Mine does this. It’s the Navi system telling me a potential speed camera area is coming up..
  6. J

    Heater Blower Motor

    Mine was the same on my C204. Think I prised it out a bit with flat screw driver. It then came out. Took a while and I thought I was gonna break something too as it seemed stuck.
  7. J

    New Battery Mercedes 200c 2017

    No, you should be fine.
  8. J

    9g gearbox service cost

    Was looking into this myself. Pan kit (have to replace the pan with the built in filters for this box) on its own from Mercedes is £360. Then add in transmission oil and labour, so wouldn’t be surprised at that cost. A good indie will cut down on the labour costs though.
  9. J

    Tried some of this

    Hi, you have to use a damp micro cloth once you have gone over the car. This will remove the high spots but will not effect the ceramic protection. I had the same issues with it at first. Now people comment on how good it looks when finished. Also do only one panel at a time and go over the...
  10. J

    W204 - Windscreen Wipers intermittently totally unfunctional, Stutter Starting & Squeaking Blower

    There was one retaining screw on my C Class and, as the fan blower had been in there for 11 years at the time, was a bugger to lift the tab and twist out. I tried the lubricating route and found that did nothing for mine. Removing it for replacement was much easier the second time was much...
  11. J

    W204 - Windscreen Wipers intermittently totally unfunctional, Stutter Starting & Squeaking Blower

    Fan unit needs replacing I would say. I have had this on my last C class. Sounded like a squeak or a bird chirping when cornering. If this is the case then lubricating it will make no difference as the bushes and bearings are worn. It is very annoying and the replacement of the fan unit is very...
  12. J

    Disable key-initiated tailgate opening?

    Nothing else in my pocket. Just the car key. Still manage to do it regularly somehow.
  13. J

    Disable key-initiated tailgate opening?

    I have had this issue on both my last c class and my current one. Many times I have come out to my car in the morning and the boot is open. As soon as I lock the car now put the keys a drawer. Clearly I am inadvertently pressing the boot release button in my pocket.
  14. J

    Anyone here work for MB Parts? Or recommend a company?

    I also use these via eBay. Use the epc for the part number and then enter this on their ebay site. Great service.
  15. J

    Best oil extractor?

    Pela 6000 is my tool of choice. Carried out around 15 oil changes with it; still going strong.
  16. J

    New here and to the world of MB's - Servicing advice for 6yr old C250 if possible

    The gearbox should be serviced at around 77k miles. Did mine at 73k and the filter was already clogged up, so I would do it early if you can. This should be around £200 but I found that the oil was more expensive in my 7g (with stop start) gearbox than in my previous cars 5g gearbox. Changing...
  17. J

    Easy repair for parking brake that's not releasing

    I had the same issue. I simply laid dust sheets under the parking brake and I absolutely soaked the pedal mechanism in WD40; as high up as I could get. This freed the pedal up and then I sprayed it all with clear spray grease. Bit of a guess on where I was spraying, but it has been spot on for 7...
  18. J

    W204 C220 - Fuel Temperature Sensor

    Replaced mine just recently. It would, on occasion, have split second where I could feel a loss of power. The sensor is in the front of the engine, just underneath where the air intake runs across it. Just un-clip the wire and undo it. You’ll see fuel in there when you remove it. After this I...
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