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    Back light

    Please can somebody answer me if the light control switch in W202 should be back iluminated or not ? Best regards Vlatko
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    Oil leak

    Hi there This hapapend to me yesterday. In morning notice a bed of oil under my w202 220cdi. Come to the stealer and they had a look. Result: 2 working hours, 1 lit of oil, and 2 euro parts. Some stupid aluminium o-ring under plug (connection for measurement of oil pressure in engine)...
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    DTE chip tuning module

    Time ti install It realy is 5 - 10 min job. Remove the plastic cover using hexagonal key. Then remove the cable and attach another. Connect the small aluminium box on the end. Finish. brgds
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    DTE chip tuning module

    Cost Hi there Croatian dealer sell and install it for 590 Euro. In Germany , I beleive it is around 500 Euro. If stop working you just put, insted of module, witch is on end of spliter cable, bypass plug. Waranty is 12 months , and they also give 3 years waranty on engine and gearshift if...
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    DTE chip tuning module

    Hi there. A few weeks ago I did install DTE module on my CD220cdi. People claiming 25 HP more on this engine. And I think they are right :bannana: . The MB is now more responsive and you can feel imidiately thst added power. Any other users with same mod? Brgds
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