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    M119 salve cover gasket

    I have replaced the gaskets on both my 129s - one to cure a leak, the other when I changed the oiler tubes to aluminium following a plastic one failing - and both times I fitted them dry with no ensuing leaks. I recall needing a couple of goes, as the gaskets can slip off as you manoeuvre the...
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    R129 subframe bush replacement

    You can do it with the subframe just lowered if you have the correct, or at least suitable, tools to press out and then press in the bushes. If the bushes are that tired, unless the rest of the suspension has been refreshed, it may be sensible to go the whole hog and drop it completely and...
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    S211 airmatic spring ride quality

    Thanks for the update. Interesting on the functionality of the Arnott springs. The fronts on my car certainly killed all that, restored when I switched to Bilstein.
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    S211 airmatic spring ride quality

    I can’t comment on the rear springs, but when I bought my E500 the rear was original (but failing) and the front struts had already been replaced with Arnott units. The car didn’t move between Comfort, Sport 1 and Sport 2 settings - apparently the Arnott units contain a device to fool the car...
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    brake caliper refurb and oil cooler seal question

    I changed the seals on our 09 E class 3 years ago. I followed various how-to threads, one on Peach Parts and a couple of others. I found disconnecting the engine loom in the scuttle, disconnecting as required on top of the engine and then hanging it across the slam panel, leaving all connections...
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    Mercedes om642 engine question

    i just use a standard 12 point socket, 17mm from memory.
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    R129 strange fan noise

    It’s not the bolts that hold it to the engine, it’s the bolts that pass through the whole assembly, front to back, and hold the alternator casing parts together - the fractures run longitudinally from the bolt heads. I wonder if it’s whatever resin they coat the windings (?) in being abraded by...
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    R129 strange fan noise

    There’s a clutch on the front of the a/c compressor that allows it to freewheel when not required. If that’s broken, the compressor won’t be powered, hence no cooling. I am intrigued by the first few posts, as the blower fan in my 97 SL occasionally “revs up” when I accelerate, and the...
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    Replacing W211 rear control arm bushing?

    Same here, with a blow torch probably essential. I’m fortunate to have a small hydraulic press which aids the process, but even being very careful it’s easy to nick the boots. I’m going to slather them in rubber grease to aid getting the joint back together and give it protection.
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    Camber adjustment possible?

    Camber bolts on a 211 front end are not eccentric (like the ones on 124s and 129s for example) but have grooves which engage with ridges in the mounting holes in the arms. There’s a single position, reducing the camber, with no fine adjustment. I’ve fitted them to our 211 and did the same with...
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    Replacing W211 rear control arm bushing?

    Many thanks for this thread. I stumbled upon it as I struggled to identify the “smaller” diameter bush for the rear arms on my S211, having used the Lemforder bushes on the steel arms of a now departed CLS. I have destroyed one bush’s boot trying to figure out the bush diameter, and reluctant to...
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    Winter wheel ideas

    I bought a set of unmarked 20" MB wheels for our GL with Pirelli winter tyres with 6mm tread (and the wheels came with MB TPMS sensors fitted) from a German eBay seller called RS_Elshani for the same price a set of tyres would cost here. They arrived in 3 days - he lists several MB sets for 222s.
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    Reinstalling ISO fittings for stereo

    Maplins sell various ISO connectors with trailing wires which can be soldered in - I have the same problem as you with my A124, and while I too have yet to tackle the replacement, recall these being mentioned elsewhere.
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    124 front inner wheel arch liners?

    I completely forgot I'd ordered these - and so had the dealer as they didn't call - but I picked them up today. It looks like they had been at the dealer since late November judging by dates on labels - but if anybody else wants them, it's worth trying ordering, as they are not listed as NLA...
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    W251 2006 mb r320 cdi 4-matic suspension probs

    HID supply Arnott air springs at far less cost than ECP - Auto bulb Specialist offering HID lights, Xenon kits, LED car lights, Air suspension and much more | HIDS Direct Ltd. for HID Xenon kits, Xenon bulbs, MTEC bulbs, LED's, Car Parts and Air Suspension. No experience yet but I'm about to...
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    124 front inner wheel arch liners?

    Have you looked at the same chap's C124 thread - he fits a diesel engine - similarly brilliant. I ordered a pair of the arch pieces on Thursday - I expected the dealer to tell me they (or one of them, anyway) are unavailable but apparently they are on back-order.
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    W204 320 CDI zero boost

    My car (see above) would go into the "flat" mode, no codes, no EML, once every 4 or 5 months, usually after reasonably hard acceleration and after a warm restart, and always cleared when restarted, for about 2 years - I put up with it as it was a mild nuisance. In the few weeks before I had the...
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    W204 320 CDI zero boost

    I didn't get a chance to check the actuator when the car was in fault, but certainly the actuator was still moving when the engine was revved, which suggests, as you speculate, the vanes were causing the issue and hence the complete turbo replacement recommendation.
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    W204 320 CDI zero boost

    My 2006 CLS CDI, with 117k miles had the same issue - loss of power, no kickdown and occasional EML. It occurred with ever greater frequency over the last few weeks - initially it only happened after a warm re-start, but towards the end would kick in a little while after a cold start and turning...
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    O2 sensor replacement w211 e280 cdi

    I replaced one on my wife's E320 CDI - it needs a special slotted socket to accommodate the cable, but came out without a fuss or undue force. The new one (Bosch) came with the threads coated with grease, so I daresay the original was as well which prevented it seizing.
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