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    220 CDI Avantgard Estate - Fully loaded

    For Sale is my absolutely lovely 2002 CDI 220 Estate in Brilliant Silver. 43000 miles, full service history, 11 months MOT, fully loaded with parktronic, command, all leather, cubic trim, heated seats, 5 CD autochanger, tiptronic box, climate control, MB fitted detachable tow bar (never towed...
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    False sense of security?

    Again, point missed, the guys driving well, well in excess of the speed limit, with one hand on the wheel and having breakfast! I don't care if he was a doctor on call, the Queen's Equery or Michael Schumacker....the point is he's a f------ nutcase. Question is....why is it happening? Gottit?
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    False sense of security?

    The point of my post Brian, was to point out the maniacal way the guy was driving, given he is probably a well heeled member of society, not to suggest the risk to me personally. After many years of Rally Sport I'm well able and capable of looking after myself on the road and off-road. I...
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    False sense of security?

    After the other day I'm left wondering whether owning and driving a prestige car is not healthy for certain individuals. I was tootling along (70-75mph) the M18 the other day, traffic was busy, road conditions good, visability good. I was in the left lane, occasionally having to overtake...
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    C Class 220cdi MANUAL?

    Apart from my wife's car, my MB is the first automatic I've ever owned, and over the years I've had about 30 or more cars, many high performers. I was always a firm believer that you had more control with a manual box, even though the constant shifting in traffic was laborious.:eek: As you get...
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    C Class 220cdi MANUAL?

    You could start a MB Manual Gearbox Club of Great Britain.... Allbeit I think membership would be low, and definately non-elitist :D :D
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    Windows Landrover Diagnosis

    With just about every Land Rover I've come into contact's spot on ..:D :D
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    Plans to ban cars over 10 years old

    Don't forget tractors and JCBs :crazy:
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    220 cdi grills

    Seconded :D
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    One gutted girly!!

    Looking at the amount of concrete debris on your tyre, and the significant damage to the wheel rim, regardless of speed, an extraordinary level of force has been applied to your steering through kerb impact, even though it was low speed. It's that kind of force that tends to flex or bend...
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    One gutted girly!!

    Perhaps try here: about £180 with vat or there abouts...
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    One gutted girly!!

    Oooh that's messy Pammy, methinks I'd be getting my tracking checked as well, looking at that level of damage! I think that one's past repair, bad bad luck !! :eek:
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    Good Evening: New MB Owner :)

    Welcome :) You'll find pleasure, knowledge, banter both good and bad and a seriously dedicated group of people on here....enjoy, and good luck with your car. Gotta be better than a Vectra :D
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    Instead of handling them yourself, can you just not drop-ship them and let others do the handling?...(unless of course you're making them)??
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    S320CDI Lack of power

    I was wondering whether 300,000 miles had anything to do with it, it's high even for a Merc, and compressions were low, and our comrade had been dealt a hand where all others had failed! ....if you see what I mean.:crazy:
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    I am going to start up as a specialist...again

    Good luck in your venture, and may the force be with you!! :D I did it years ago when I was a young man and never regretted it. The secret to success is to treat people fairly and squarely. There will be times when you wonder why you bothered. There will be some quiet times. And eventually...
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    Petrol in Diesel Car

    As Parrot and one or two others have already said, veggy oil will not harm a diesel engine, it'll probably help to save the o rings in the injector pump after petrol addition. Castrol R vegetable oil used to be used regularly in 2 stroke racing motor-bikes until latest technologies took over...
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    Help _ Do I now own it or not?

    Harvey, congratulations on a successful outcome regarding your Porsche, even though you went through the mill to get there.... The car looks absolutely gorgeous, and I hope it lives up to your expectations. I suspect you will be a wiser person for all your recent concerns and disappointments...
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    S320CDI Lack of power

    An inlet manifold should never get dirty if air filters are present. Occasionally on a very well worn engine you may get an oily deposit owing to piston ring blow-by and crankcase compression but that's it. Certainly no major obstructive material to reduce manifold intake flow/volume. ( Unless...
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    S320CDI Lack of power I wouldn't bother with a calibration cert, it'll increase the cost two-fold.:rolleyes: I'd get a 3 bar'll be there somewhere.
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