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    A180 1.5 2017

    All sorted. Was the map sensor. Map sensor hides a second temp sensor. ( number 2 ). Maf is number 1.
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    A180 1.5 2017

    Hi I’ve got a Merc A180 2017 Needed a new battery so I did that. No the car has no power at all. Won’t even go over 3000rpm and feels like zero turbo!? No codes neither I’ve even changed the ma f for genuine new. One funny thing I take air temp and charge temp are stupid high when engine...
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    Cpc tune

    Did you code CPC with higher settings on torque limit and so on? To get hoses figures? There is a section on torque with 0-5 index settings. Found launch diagnostic can alter quite a few things in CPC.
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    Cpc tune

    My car has a quantum remap but Cpc is restricting it. Or so they say. It’s not making hardly any difference. What power figures can you get out of the new 272bhp 350d engine?
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    Cpc tune

    Have you done the GLE 350d 2020 onwards?
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    Cpc tune

    I seem to have this problem now on a 2020 gle 350d. Had it mapped but nothing. What did you do pal?
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    GLE 350d V167 remap tune advice

    Hi I’m after some advice. I’m looking for a good company to remap my 2020 GLE 350d. I’ve had a Quantum tuning map on it a month but it hasn’t changed the performance. The 0-60 is still 6.46 seconds, same as standard. The car mapped is supposed to run tuned 400d software which is 800nm and nearly...
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    GLE 22” alloys wanted

    Hi folks I’m looking for a set of 22” alloys for my 2020 GLE with the staggered fitment. Does anybody have any for sale? Cheers in advance.
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    Mercedes GLE 350d 2018 vibration

    If you hard accelerate from say 30mph to 80mph, as soon as you pass 60-65 mph you feel an instant vibration through the steering wheel, and the vibration remains in place constant. It’s like driving over cats eyes. I’m running 32 psi in the cars tyres. Only me in the car. That’s what the fuel...
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    Mercedes GLE 350d 2018 vibration

    Nothing at all, that’s the first thing I thought is a warped rotor, but looking at its 2 years old and only 16k on clock and doesn’t vibrate when braking. I don’t think it’s that
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    GL X164 vibration

    Following this, I have a very similar problem.
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    Mercedes GLE 350d 2018 vibration

    Hi The vibration is always there. The car can be cruising, accelerating, breaking, cruising in neutral, up hill or down hill. It’s always there 60mph onwards.
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    Mercedes GLE 350d 2018 vibration

    Hi everyone I’m after a little bit of advice from any of you guys. I bought our car from down south, and when we got it it had two Contis on the left and 2 Pirelli’s on the right. So we immediatley bought two contis MO approved tyres on her to get her back to standard. When we asked why this...
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    W166 chrome boot trim wrapping

    Hi m trying to find a guide on removing the chrome trim on my tailgate for wrapping? I don’t want to wrap it on the car. It’s a much better job done off the car and refitted. It’s a 2018 w166 suv Any help would be much appreciate guys.
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    Distronic retrofit?

    Hi Has anyone done this to a January 2018 last of old shape GLE 350d? Being the designo I’ve everything but the assistance package. Would love blind spot and distronic.?
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    2015 CLS 220 Bluetec Shooting Brake remap

    Hello I've been trying to find a company that can carry out a remap of my Mercedes? I can't seem to find one? No one seems to be able to tune the new Cls 220 shooting take? Does anybody know anybody?
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