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    W212 Rear subframe corrosion

    I had my frame replaced in Feb 2022 it was completely rotten out , in fact it was so bad that my steering wheel wasn't in center position....
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    Water ingress

    Hi all My 2011 W212 E220 CDI Avantgarde Saloon developed water ingress in the place where head liner is joined with A pillar. I would blame clogged sunroof drains but car doesn't have Panoramic roof so I don't really know where water comes from I found an entry on however it...
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    V6 Diesel software update recall

    I've got second letter through post few days ago (first was posted back in 2020 or 2021 but ignored it ) for software update I've got W212 E220 CDI 2011 (I believe Euro 5 ) that I've purchased back in 2017 from first owner. My car is now very close to 130k miles, last 70k is M4 motorway mileage...
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    Another New

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    Another New

    Heh thx done by my Bruv :-)
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    Another New

    Still can't show my Baby so pasted few links : Hope I'm allowed to do that ? W210: ImageShack Album - 21 images W210 DIY sound system: ImageShack Album - 6 images W210 DRL led: ImageShack Album - 10 images W202: ImageShack Album - 11 images W202 DIY sound system: ImageShack Album - 6 images
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    BMW sold, CLK bought!

    Hi mate How bad was that crash ?
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    Another New

    thx all , thats my second MB (after my beloved 99 C240) had few Citroens ( 8 of them with the best car ever CX) before and few 'mistakes' but it's good to have helpfull people arround
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    Another New

    Be forgiving please :-) learning about new forum I've got W210 2002 Avantgarde , when figured out how, will create my car profile with some pictures
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    Another New

    Hi @ll just joined
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