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    E220 cd1 Head/Side light problem

    I have an intermittent problem on my 2001 220 CDi saloon which now seems to have become permanent. The light switch will no longer operate the side or headlights althougth the parking lights (extreme two a/clockwise positions) still work. I assume it is not a fuse problem, is this a switch...
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    Engine wiring harness

    Contact Details Subyland Many thanks for this kind offer, I have sent you a message with my personal contact details
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    Engine wiring harness

    Subyland - thanks for the quote, at current exchange rates, that works out at about £55 which is not bad since it costs £88 from a UK MB Dealer. What is the method for ordering and payment based upon the fact that this is a foreign exchange.
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    Problem with the Heater Fan motor

    Last night while driving home, my heater fan motor stopped, it then proceded to work intermittently for about 15 secs on and then about 2 mins off. Does anyone know how the speed control works on this unit and where it is located, the symptoms were like a control unit component over-heating and...
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    Engine wiring harness

    Subyland - thanks for the offer, the part is an alternator freewheel pulley P/N 611 155 0415, car is a 2001 E220 CDi.
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    C250TD aircon no fans

    For aircon to work efficienctly you must have reasonable air flow passing through condensing radiator in order to cool the compressed refrigerant (which is already hot from heat extracted from the cabin). This would normally happen when the car is moving forward at a reasonable speed, when the...
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    Engine wiring harness

    Can you post the name and phone number of your French MB contact, I have to replace the alternator clutch pulley on my 220 CDi and the UK Stealers are charging a fortune for the part.
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    veg oil in e220 cdi?

    Doesn't MB make a commercial vehicle called a Vimto
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    veg oil in e220 cdi?

    Sugar free Vimto would be tax free (if you can make it run), the Chancellor only applies Duty when burning hydro-carbon based fuels and for some reason Veggie Oil comes under that category. Interesting to note that most home producers of bio-diesel in continental Europe are not required to pay...
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    veg oil in e220 cdi?

    This is an area of interest I have been pursuing for some time, veggie oil is not the same as commercially produced bio-fuel, it goes through a chemical conversion process (transesterification) to remove the glycerin content. This process can be applied to waste veggie oil (WVO) which is what...
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    E220 cdi 2002

    Silverarrow Can you expand on the location of these fuel line 'O' rings as to where we should be looking for them
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    Engine noise

    An obvious question but you did not specify specifically - was this noise present while you had your head under the bonnet as well as when you were driving. If it is the drive belt, then remove it and start the engine and run briefly to see if noise now disappears, warning - run for a short...
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    Where on a W202 C220 CDi engine are....

    Can you clarify what you mean by using an air hose to clear out the air lock
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    Millers Diesel Power Plus

    Is Millers Diesel Power Plus safe. All the threads on Millers Diesel Power Plus seem very tempting but I have just read a past note in which they say that using this particular additive can cause damage to the injectors on CDi engines due an excessive coating build-up. Does anyone have further...
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    Eurotunnel Misery W169

    I had a similar problem on my E220 CDi (funny, it also happened after we returned from France on the ferry last year). Identical symptoms to yours, would suddenly work again and then fail until finally it failed hard and would not recover. Symptoms were, the key would not turn when inserted and...
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    Where is the OVP relay ??

    Can anyone tell me the exact location of the OVP relay on an E220 CDi saloon (W210 - 2001 model) ?
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    C220 CDI W203 - Help

    Yes, I have a similar problem and the tensioner is fine but the free-wheel clutch in the pulley is seized. It's a known problem on which MB has published a service note. The pulley can be replaced by removing it with a special splined socket tool, I have been told it can be done with the...
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    C220 CDI W203 - Help

    The pulley you have marked is the tensioner pulley, it is a self contained self-tensioned unit and is easy to replace, they are normally quite robust on these engines. Your dealer is refering to the alternator pulley which has a free-wheel clutch inside it on 220 CDi models and has a tendancy to...
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    wooshing CDi

    Check for air leaks around the Charge Air ducting and the Intercooler, you may have a leak in this area or one of the ducting connections to the Intercooler has come loose.
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    Glow Plug Replacement

    When replacing glowplugs, does anyone have a recommendation for the grease to use on the threads, ie copper or silicon grease etc or any other precaution to assist future removal ?
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