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    MB specific Vs general ODB scanner

    Thank you... It makes more sense now. I used to have the vag com for my previous Audi cars. Shame xentry has a high barrier to entry.
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    MB specific Vs general ODB scanner

    Thank you, I'll give it a try and post findings here. The main point I was wondering about was, for any given manufacturer, if the manufacturer specific scanners would catch and interpret DTCs better or more accurately than the multi vehicle ones.
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    MB specific Vs general ODB scanner

    Hi, I'm getting a good deal on the Topdon Artidiag500. Just a question. How is the icarsoft MB v3.0 different to Topdon Artidiag500? I know icarsoft is MB specific, but surely they will both catch the same DTC, right? Or is there a difference in catching manufacturer specific DTCs? Or is the...
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    Rear differential oil change in routine Service A

    Hi, I booked my 2014 GLA 220cdi 4matic into the main dealer for Service A + gearbox service. I also requested, additionally, the rear differential oil change. Spoke to two different people at the main dealer (Mercedes Chelmsford who are Jardine Motors), both said that the rear differential...
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    Pre purchase inspection recommendations?

    Hi, That's a really good question! I wonder if all inspections are performed similarly. I had an inspection before I purchased my used GLA from a private seller. It was the comprehensive option from click mechanic. The mechanic appeared well qualified and knew what he was talking about...
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    Service schedule for Mercedes GLA (2014) auto transmission

    Hi, just got a Mercedes GLA 4Matic (2014) with 83k on the clock and full service history. In the service schedule there is no mention of the automatic transmission service or oil change, however I have heard that it does need a service around 60k mark, or 44k mark depending on the garage I...
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    Hello from a new member

    Hi all, just purchased a used mercedes gla 220 (2014). Lovely driver!!!...happy to join the MB club.
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