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    2004 W203 C220 CDi SE Coupe Panoramic Black £2800

    C220 Evolution Panoramic SE. Top specification with the panoramic roof in full working order. Finished in black with a mushroom / grey leather interior. MOT until Feb '17. Specification includes: electric windows, air conditioning, CD player, height adjustable seats, folding rear seats, 17"...
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    Selling the C Class Coupe - What Next?

    I've gone from C220 coupe to (ducks) BMW M3 E46, but if I needed a diesel I'd prob stay Merc.
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    C220 CDI W204 Coupe On going issues

    I've got to say my C220 CDI with 100k on it feels slightly unsettled by the occasional big bump or pothole, esp the rear, but I'm not sure if they're all like that. The ride is very good though
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    E500 Limited Detailed

    Looks like great work shame I'm not a bit closer to Salford!
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    so pleased!

    Jeesh, she looks amazing.
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    Sorry to hear this, seems you can't have anything nice these days without some little sh!t pinching it or messing with it.
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    Harry Hill: You've Been Framed

    Harry Hill's funny, Lisa wotsits was rubbish and beadle was okay in YBF but his magnum opus was surely Beadle's About. The premise was incredible: find an aggressive and unstable individual who is obsessive about something, lets say his Sierra Sapphire Cossie, then crush it into small brick in...
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    On average how long do you keep your car for?

    Looks like I'm in the average 2-4 years, although I've had one a fair bit longer and others much, much shorter!
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    C350e colour poll

    Cavansite blue is a belter
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    To detail or not to detail

    Wash myself then have detailed
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    Poll: TFL to introduce ULEZ in 2020

    Have t say yes to TfL's initiative, esp as a daily cyclist. The air is horrible sometimes and can't be doing us any good. I love cars but several better ways to get around London.
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    My C43 AMG on going project

    Great motor, I'm sure it will sell to the right buyer but may take a while to find him/her.
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    Independent Garage or Service plan?

    Another one you might wish to consider is James Leigh of Wimbledon, I've found them good.
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    Thanks! I like the simple ones as you can tell!
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    560 sel without engine gearbox for somebody with engine n gearbox tovit in

    He was gonna out a 3l diesel in there, would make a cheap cruiser...
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    Even more new jokes... (No UK Politics or Football please)

    My girlfriend said she was sick of me acting like I'm a detective and said we should split up I said good idea, we can cover more ground that way...
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    Even more new jokes... (No UK Politics or Football please)

    Why are pirates called pirates? Because they aaaaarrrrrrggghhhhhh (sorry)
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    Even more new jokes... (No UK Politics or Football please)

    What do you call a racing driver who circles round lightbulbs? Stirling Moth.
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    Even more new jokes... (No UK Politics or Football please)

    I bought my friend an elephant to keep in his room. "thank you" he said "don't mention it" I said
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