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    Stitch/sow on steering wheel covers?

    I've fitted a leather wheel cover to my W208. Good quality leather and the colour also a good match. I believe the instructions advise the stitching every other punched hole. I stitched every hole and the result I think is a far more original looking finish.
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    Any piano players out there?

    I decided I wanted to learn to play piano at the age of approx. 55 year old (6 years ago). Having played guitar, I understood a little about music, but decided to have lessons. I soon realised I stood no chance had I tried teach yourself books etc. Taking lessons you're learning 2 things-the...
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    W124 Estate Rear Suspension Subframe Mounts

    Perhaps he would scan and email you the mot failure document which might describe the work needed i.e. bushes worn or subframe mounts corroded.
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    Musical desires & duets

    Been playing piano last 6 years. Tried self taught organ years previously using tuition books and eventually gave up. Began with lessons with the piano, and although have played bass guitar semi professionally, again years back, soon realised the value and for me the necessity of the lessons for...
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    Anyone Interested In A Guitar Thread?

    Don't play the guitar any longer really (unless an opportunity comes along, same as a few year back getting together with a workmate;me playing bass and his wife the singer with another friend on 6 string) My favourite electric 6 string is probably the Telecaster. Also couldn't resist making an...
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    W124 vs W210 Vote

    Throwing a spanner into the works, I,ve been running an '06 jazz 1.2 for the last 6 months as a general workhorse. The car's a pleasure to run, nippy, acres of space/5 doors, 40-55 mpg,with running costs so far amounting to wiper blades and an oil change (plus just passed mot with one advisory)...
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    Best Engine (exhaust) note

    Triumph 2 litre straight six by a country mile. Aso the Honda 250cc 180 deg. crank parallel twin also sounds very nice.
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    W208 230 slow tick over

    Anyone know why the tickover on a CLK 230 might only achieve approx 500rpm when hot in D, and only, say 50 rpm more in park. Can it be adjusted or is it a component issue? Thanks !
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    P2036 Fault Code - Secondary air injection

    The same fault code has appeared on my CLK230 in the past. There was no noticable difference in the way the car ran etc. I reset with a universal code reader. The fault code has'nt re-appeared for quite a few months. Because it reset ok, I was'nt unduly concerned. If it had imediateley returned...
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    Stylish cars, Mercedes or not!

    I ran a Tipo 1.7 diesel as a private hire taxi.Probably unique in that guise. The car's advertising blurb was that it was bigger inside than a Sierra. It had massive space up front and for rear passengers. The car never missed a beat and the engine was still mint when I sold the car.
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    Any one have experience of the Alfa Romeo 2.4 Diesel?

    I've owned a 159 saloon with the same engine(s). There are 2 variants-one, the 200bhp version, the other, the 210bhp replacement. I think the main difference between the 2 was the turbocharger. Mine was the 200bhp version. I could'nt get rid of it quickly enough-30 to 37 mpg.Significant turbo...
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    A light hearted post for the older members amongst us Part 3

    Rows of 2 shillings Airfix kits in bags, behind the counters on the walls of Newsagents.
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    What aftershave do you wear?

    This sounds a bit strange/sad? but I've got a bottle of Aquamanda for men dating I believe back to 1969.
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    ran out of diesel

    When I ran out of fuel I had to bleed/prime the fuel lines to the injectors to get the car to start. Don't know if all diesels are the same in that respect.
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    W124 estates

    My partner has my CLK now and knowing she could'nt deal with the same parking brake on my previous W124, I told her not to bother with it, as already said the P on the auto box does the same job-actually, I never bothered with it either when the car was mine.
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    w124 multi valve diesel estate

    My saloon with mint interior and paintwork/no rust plus sound mechanics struggled to achieve 1k on ebay. Yes it had covered just over 200k miles, but the estate is not exactly low mileage. Mine had long tax and mot and documented service history for over 10 grands worth. Maybe the estate cars...
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    Faulty blower motor AC CLK W208

    To access the fan motor just remove the panel above the passenger footwell. As advised, will only take a couple of minutes with a phillips screwdriver. Eurocarparts supplied mine and recognised what I described I needed from my phone call to them. For peace of mind I took mine with me to...
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    Faulty blower motor AC CLK W208

    As already explained, sounds like the control module/resister pack attached to the fan motor. I had same problem, which was due to water from the a/c not draining away/damaging the module. I replaced mine, also unblocking the drain pipe found L/H side corner of bulkhead and wing under the...
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    Newbie looking to join the classic mercedes ownership dream

    I would say, before committing to buy into the CE models, check some parts availabilty/prices. I'm pretty sure the windows surround rubber, if still available, costs an arm and a leg. A replacement side window(driver/front passenger) cost me over £200 each more than 5 years ago. Due to perished...
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    W208 A/C fan continuous running fixed

    Filter removed,checked (dry),shook out and replaced in car. The filter element was in good condition with only a little debris in the folds, so I believe good to go again.
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