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    Who know Mercedes Benz Ak500+ or AK500?

    I know from a friend MB Ak500+ is a new born key programmer for Benz, better than ak500. i have supposed buy AK500 .but now i have no idea.
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    who can help? benz 38pin connector can work for old cars?

    My freind Mark has a autocom diagnostic tool but it can't do his old benz car. A auto technician said that he can use the connector for autocom so that it can diagnose the old cars. he find the a 38pin connector from a online shop but he don't whether it can work. His benz car is E200 1990. Is...
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    What will you do if the only car key lost?

    If you lost your key and unfortunately do not have a spare key, what will you do?
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    C180 Auto(W203) - Wont Start; No Dash Lights

    maybe some problem on your battery. ________ Allobd2
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    Need car key replacement

    yeah, it was good was enough, no matter it is fake or not. Thanks your reply!
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    Need car key replacement

    there have many kinds of benz car key replacment at allobd2, but I don't know how to choose.
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    Sure he is not keeping it warm?

    haha......he is keeping away form warm
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    Need car key replacement

    but how to select?
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    Need car key replacement

    I broke my car key shell in half for my MB W204 2000, I can't seem to find any info about how to select car key shell online, can you give me some advice? thanks in advance.
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    How to check power steering fluid?

    The power steering seems to be located toward the top on the fan belt pully side(left side)
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    '98 Clk230k engine troubles....

    actually, the P0300 means Random/Multiple Cylinder Misfire Detected, the P0302 means Cylinder 2 Misfire Detected, the P0303 means Cylinder 3 Misfire Detected.
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    Remapping or chip tunning

    I also think remaping ecu is better, and now there have a new ecu chip tunning tool named Ktag K-TAG, it is more stronger than FGTECH.
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    AMG Key Cover

    If you want to buy the benz key replacement on the online shop, you just accord to your vehicles modle, the years of car, key type, chip ID, key frequency, key tooth number to choose the related products on the website that you like, only complete with the above information can do your car...
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    C180 (W203) Misfire

    clear the fault code and fix the problem.
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    Key not accepted - new esi needed?

    I think it is not necessary to get a ESI, you can try to reprogarm a new car key with auto key programmer.
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    C270 turbo not working no codes showing

    may be because of the fuel filter or the fuel pressure.
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    W210 E240 cranking but not starting

    I think you can try to replace the neutral safety starter switch this part is responsible for the engine to start. This is only a reference. __________ Immobilizer unlock tool
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    I'm a happy MB owner

    yeah, really so happy! ___________ Allobd2
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    The check engine light is on

    :thumb:great, thanks Stratman.
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    Car won't start and the immobilizer light is on

    yeah, somebody said the immobilizer is locked, that can start the car only after unlocked the immobilizer with a unlock immobilizer tool.
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