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    Slipping gears

    I had a similar experience earlier this year in my C200 CDI SE Elegance Saloon.. Approaching a roundabout I put my foot down as the road was clear and all that happened was the engine gear. I stopped the car selected N then D and all was right again. I reported this to the dealer...
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    C Class 'clonking' noise from rear nearside

    How strange...I had very similar symptoms with my C class... When I had the rear tyres replaced the problem disappeared so never did find out what was causing it. Sorry I can't offer any help. Jan
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    Soundproofing for C200 CDI

    That is good news northernlad as they are only 8 miles away from me. Thanks Jan
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    a service and b service

    My C200 CDI registered 11/03 started off from new showing 13000 miles to the first did not indicate which service that would be. At 16400 miles the Assyst programme indicated that the car was ready for its first service...3400 miles past the original mileage indication. Querying...
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    Soundproofing for C200 CDI

    The thing is i had a C220 CDI Coupe before I changed over to the C200 CDI Saloon and that car..even though it developed quite a bit more power was much quieter on acceleration. I was once loaned a C270 that car was almost agricultural it was so noisy..but what a lot of fun driving...
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    Soundproofing for C200 CDI

    Thanks for your reply...I had not thought about trying car stereo places but I will now... Jan
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    Soundproofing for C200 CDI

    I have a November 53 reg C200 CDI SE Elegance saloon with 21000 miles on the clock. I find the car to be rather harsh sounding and noisy when accelerating. At first I thought this was down to the car being new and that it would quieten down once it was 'run in'. To a certain extent the car...
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