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    Rear brake service mode

    Hi My daughters 2017 A180 needs all pads replacement. I've seen that you can put rears into service mode from a menu on the dash to wind back the calipers. However I can't seem to access this menu. Is it standard or was it a option. Thanks
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    A Class service

    Hi Friend of mine wants me to do a oil and filter change on her 2016 1.5 Diesel A Class She cannot find her service or car manual So just a couple of questions. What's best oil and what capacity does it take ? and does it need to be a specific type like C3 C1 etc Thanks
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    Kids and puzzles

    Hi do we have any maths people here questions 2 and 3 doing my nuts as kids won't leave me alone until I solve A Sneaky HELP
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    Genuine front wheel bearings

    I if anyone needs a set for SLK I have two for both wheels inc two tubes grease part no are A 210 330 00 51 These are full kits Sure they got C class but you better check Looking for £60 all in and I will post to uk foc Thanks Ps if this is in wrong place mods could you move Thanks
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    E55 Detailing Photo's

    Great job, I'm looking for someone that can do that kind of job in Leicester area if anyone can recommend someone
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    Eurocharged Remap Flash Cable

    Hi, Yes you can attach the car to your laptop via this cable and the eurocharged software, Eurocharged can even do it remotely for you direct from the states or you take the ECI file from your car using the software save that to your computer send it to eurocharged and they send you a remap and...
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    SLK front wheel bearings.

    Hi I have a pair of genuine MB Front wheel bearings for SLK 32n AMG but sure these ok for C32 c class and CLk. also 2 tubes of MB grease. £60 for both inc grease and £8 carriage. Thanks
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    Eurocharged Remap Flash Cable

    Hi I have a Eurochrged Flash cable for sale if anyone needs one £20 and £5 Recorded delivery Thanks
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    32 amg

    Ok Thanks
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    32 amg

    Got a Eurocharged 64mm SC Pulley £350 only done 5K on car
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    32 amg

    Did it to my SLK32 and it does make a difference, as for MOT never had a problem in last 3 years. The Guys at MSL did a great job on mine. Noise wise makes it a bit throatier but only when giving it some in normal driving its the same, however do not touch the other boxes I made that mistake and...
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    E55 Supercharger intake wanted

    Is this what you want these are from a SL55 which I think are the same, Only problem is I altered them to fit my SLK32 so the front fixings are missing but should be easy to add brackets to fit like I did. You are more than welcome to view them if your around Leicester area. I want offers around...
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    Anyone seen any good number plates on cars lately?

    This is my new plate and my golf nick name is GOLLUM
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    My E55k stolen today

    About 6 years ago both mine and the wifes cars were stolen when we were burgled whilst on holiday. My car had a tracker however when I rang them they said i should have changed the policy over when i purchased the car. They will activate it mine did as I did not know you had to change the policy...
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    Detailer in Leicester area

    Hi, can anyone recommend a good detailer in Leicester area who has seen there results. Trying to Google it it just comes up mostly with the man and van car washers. Thanks
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    Sold My SLK

    Its Great and you get a lot of car for your money i looked around for the right car and got a well spec model, Its quick as well 5.9 0 to 62 and at moment averaging 38 mpg and not done any long runs yet. S well pleased with it.
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