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    Brabus D6 (III) kit

    for W209 :thumb:
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    Brabus D6 kit for 320 cdi (w209)

    PM me :thumb:
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    Not starting for 10 minutes when hot

    I'm quite sure the key was out, I know the problems it can cause... but I'm starting to doubt now after all these problems
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    Not starting for 10 minutes when hot

    The SD shows no problems at all now after we replaced the EIS (I think this is its name) which was fried (SD info) two weeks after I replaced the battery... 1800€ repair, and the car has the same problem as before, nothing has changed.
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    Not starting for 10 minutes when hot

    70k miles
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    Not starting for 10 minutes when hot

    Thanks for your replies. I forgot to say that all these problems started after I replaced the battery using a non official varta silver (I don't know if this could have something to do). In addition, the instrument cluster's lightning with the speakers and everything else turned off is unestable...
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    Not starting for 10 minutes when hot

    I have a w209 clk 320 cdi. Ramdonly, it fails starting (it just does not crank, only makes a quick start motor noise), only when hot, and this lasts exactly for 10 minutes. After that, it starts without problems at all. My local dealer and me are completly lost... Anyone has experience with...
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    320 cdi v6 problem, limp mode

    today i tried to clean the EGR, but it's completely sticked. I wasn't able to extract it
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    320 cdi v6 problem, limp mode

    now the engine light turns on. Well, if the problem is finally the same again I will complain to mercedes benz deutschland about it, trying to get some courtesy price. But how can we avoid this problem in the future? It's not acceptable to do the same big repair every 30k miles, it's obviously...
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    320 cdi v6 problem, limp mode

    The complete inlet system was changed when the car was 30k miles, on warranty! But then the engine light was on. Why could this happen again? I've seen something about a oil leak from the turbo connection that can be fixed changing the orange seal -which I supose they did-, but certainly I've...
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    320 cdi v6 problem, limp mode

    Hello everybody. My engine is getting into limp mode after half a minute or so of starting the car. The thing is the motor light doesn't turn on. Before the car goes into limp mode, it works great (no problem at all, correct acceleration and power), and it has no vibration or any other problems...
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    Retrofit paddleshift in a car without gear buttons, possible?

    Hello. I want to know if it is possible to install an AMG steering wheel with paddle shift in a car (w209 CLK) with a steering wheel without rear buttons and make it work ok. Anyone? Thanks
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    1000 pounds coolest wheels (w209)

    What do you think? give me some ideas, 18'' or 19'' thanks!
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    shocks for eibach springs (w209)

    Hello; I've bought a set of eibach pro kit springs for my w209. Now I'm trying to find some good shocks to fit them; do you think the AMG ones are a good option? I think they are sachs... any other ideas? I think the bilsteins b8 probably would be too hard...
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    white smoke -not oily-, burning rubber smell, dpf?

    is it possible? I've a clk 320 cdi with dpf and it happens sometimes... maybe once a month. is it normal? thanks
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    auxiliar heating module in clk 320 cdi

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    original model emblems in internet?

    Hello. My rear emblems have been stolen, and I want to replace them. Do you know any internet site to buy them? Thanks
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    auxiliar heating module in clk 320 cdi

    Hi; can you tell me where is the auxiliar heating module in a clk 320 cdi and how can I identify it? Thanks
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    White steam, like water vapor, sometimes when cold start

    Hi; I have been realising for some time that there is a kind of white steam in the exhaust when I start the car from cold, and sometimes when it's stopped but not absolutly cold. Someone told me it's because of the DPF (it's a 320 cdi), and that it's normal, what do you think? Thanks
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    differences between avantgarde and sport suspension -w209-

    so, if i install the eibach pro kit in an avantgarde clk how much will it drop? thanks
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