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    Merc sales in current economic climate...

    smarts up, wonder about Maybach??:(
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    Fifth Gear - TONIGHT

    Did the S600 have parktronic? I thought it was standard but I didnt notice it. S280 was a bit unfair, S600 v S600 would of been better (although for £6k) Watchable but nothing special
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    Fifth Gear - TONIGHT

    Just tuned into fifth gear (channel 5), there featuring a W220 S-Class against a new W211, I think a S600 (priced at £106k anyway) and asking a A-Team to test comfort. Sound be good if anyones interested Not been on yet so you havent missed anything:D :D Cheers,
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    Peeling lacquer

    Never tried it but it I think mobilolife has a 30yr paint warranty same as rust, but i'm not sure
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    S-Class Facelift

    Just noticed a little badge on the wing between the headlamps and the door, similar to the 'elegance' badge on the W204, wonder what if says? Hybrid possibly or is that too early:D
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    Should I buy a 2000 E class

    Bit confused here! If your 99onwards merc has FMBSH is rust warranty valid for 30 or 8 years from date of first reg?
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    CEO of DaimlerChrysler - Who is it

    Is the CEO of DC, Dr Dieter Zetsche or has he been replaced?
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    Internal door lock switch - where is it?

    On your centre console, next to the hazard light switch, just press that to unlock / lock the doors / boot, etc
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    New trim level for E-Class, Sounds good
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    Mercedes-Benz Finchley Road

    Pendragon run a lot up north under 'Stratstone', some of the the old merc buildings are still empty, but as mentioned gone to pot with the odd sign left, shame
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    Mercedes-Benz Finchley Road

    Are there any more MB dealerships that are no longer is use?, In my area only Wakefield's still there
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    ML-Class Edition 10

    New special edition trim level for ML, Doesn't look that bad really, kind of a mix between Elegance, Avantgarde and Sport just for ML's
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    Had a run in with a Subaru salesman !

    I'd report to the dealer, dealer group head office and Subaru UK, that way he should be dealt with. If not for the speeding then for his attitude towards you
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    W203/W204 Comparison at last.

    So on yours do they just go down electronically? Do they not return upwards again?
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    W203/W204 Comparison at last.

    I agree the W204 is an improvement but whats happened to rear headrest collapse?
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    Facelifted SAAB 9-3 range

    - Whats worse is that now the 9-3 has the same interior as the Cadillac BLS, It's a shame, the new 9-5 should be an improvement
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    Mercedes of Preston may make me defect

    They do send them out, although I bought mine from a Main dealer if you request a brochure from the website you will get several things sent through every few months, 2 magazines that kinda thing - not bad actually!
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    Mercedes of Preston may make me defect

    I suppose really it's typical Pendragon, in future just dont even bother with them its a shame but it happens
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    Year 2000 E320CDI in for rust warranty repairs

    Have they provided a courtesy vehicle?
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    New W204 C-class

    Does the new W204 have rear headrest collapse? I've looked through many pictures but i can't see it?
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