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    Old R129

    I have exchanged all electrical bits with new, new distributors, spark plugs, leads and capacitors. and checked them just couple of weeks ago...
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    Old R129

    fuel filter looks brand new... should I change it anyway?
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    Old R129

    It'is an older girl 1992, 125K on the clock - sometimes when I try to "give it some beans" it seems to have a problem getting into revs, it sounds as the fuel pump straggles with fuel delivery. Don't get me wrong when I drive, it goes pretty well but from time to time when I want to...
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    What color is your Merc?

    This one...
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    My New Toy Arrived Home

    Pure classic...Love the colour too :)
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    Is there a realistic alternative to an SL?

    Yes, you're being to picky... :) Try one of thise...
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    roof problem

    If you're close to South London, you can try Caymen Auto Services, they do all the roof problems on Mercs - Vincent Rd, Dorking RH4 3JB, 01306 885566
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    Hi all...

    It may be as old as the car... 25 years old
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    Hi all...

    Joined last night, I'm not a mechanic and I do not know much about cars but I'm learning fast...:( (I wish) I'm new to MBclub and I'll keep annoying all of you by asking stupid questions on HOW TO DO THINGS... Starting now :D Today I'm going to change back from K&N to standard air filters on...
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    Remap or Tuning Box?

    This may be a stupid question but can you re map older type like 1992 R129 which does not have a multi pin connector to its ESU? Can you use tunning box on them? What kind of tunning can you do on those?
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    What Have You Done To Your Merc Today?

    Ive tried but it did not go according to my plan :)
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    What Have You Done To Your Merc Today?

    I've tried but it did not according to my plan :)
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    What Have You Done To Your Merc Today?

    Hi; I'm new to MBclub and today I'm going to change back from K&N to standard air filters on my 500sl and maybe disconnect my battery for 1/2 hour or so. You see I have bought it @2 years ago and I've changed front suspension, refurbished power searing pump, changed sparkplugs, leads...
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    R129 SL600 acquisition!

    Hmmm.... I was hoping for one like that or instead I bought 1992 500SL about 2 years ago and I'm still working on it :)
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