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    Mercedes Turbine wheels 19"

    Diamond cut with black insert. With nearly new tyres. Front.. ET40 8J 245/40 Rear.. ET45 9J 275/35 Complete with bolts I can't see an obvious MB number on them so will assume they are replicas to be clear. I have the advertised elsewhere at £595 for the set but will do a deal for a forum member.
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    Mercedes W212 Estate roof bars

    Genuine W212 roof bars with key and rubber inserts. £110 Happy to post at cost.
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    Mercedes E350 CDI 2010 Avantgarde Estate

    Greetings, I'm moving to a new job in a couple of weeks that provides me with a company car. I'll be looking to move on my E350 CDI Estate. I'll take some more pics when it's stopped raining but in short: E350 CDI Estate Light Metallic Grey Cream leather, black carpets FSH MOT to September...
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    E320CDI Estate 2008

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    E320CDI Estate 2008

    Some pictures below. Now has a 13 month MOT Price now £4,500 ono
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    E320CDI Estate 2008

    Hello, My E320 CDI Estate is up for sale. I'll post some pics when it stops raining but the general blurb is below: E320 CDI Avantgarde 2008/08 186,000 miles Met Grey/ Black Leather FSH/ MOT to Mar 2018 Heated seats - front and rear Ventillated Front Seats Comand Nav Integrated Bluetooth...
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    2001 E320 Elegance Estate

    Hello, My father's E320 petrol is for sale. Brief details: Silver Grey Cloth interior Climate Control 7 Seats 90k miles Bodywork largely replaced under warranty in 2009 owing to tin worm (new doors, wings, boot lid) Recent MOT Any questions, please ask. £900 ono Located in Reading
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    Glow plug cylinder 2N14/2 advice e280cdi 2005 s211

    No remapping req'd for a glow plug..
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    20" W221 wheel

    A friend of mine has broken a wheel (see pic attached). Does anyone have one that they don;t want? Thanks
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    guide link to remove swirl flaps 211 320 cdi

    The guide is on the other forum. I have a m16 tap for sale if you are interested and some lock wire and lock wire pliers left over from when I did my manifold
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    124 E320 Coupe wanted

    One of Colin's customer's was selling a met grey one - looked nice in the photo he showed me.
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    w211 rear wiper motor

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    E Class with THE highest spec(??) at £6K!

    Optimistic. I've just bought an 08 plate with similar spec and miles for 7k
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    w211 rear wiper motor

    For a 2008 model. Thanks Richard
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    Feelers Now out: Seeking E500 Estate

    I bought our Galaxy from Inverness. Jeez, it is a loooooooooooooong way from anywhere.. ..and even further from the Hampshire borders.
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    bad engine on possible new car

    As you say, get the codes read, at a guess, the MAF, but could be one or many of the items you have listed. I use John Griffiths in Caversham.
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    W211 Drivers door mirror glass

    Hello, Looking for the above for a 2003 model - preferably the dimming glass. Thanks
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    W124 E320 AMG kitted cabrio

    If it's the car I think it is, then one thing it isn't is nice.
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