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    Need locking wheelnuts with 'slim' lock - anyone been down this route ?

    Hi folks Have put new alloys on my W124 230CE (17" ZCW Charm Shadow Chrome) but the key for the locking wheelnuts from my previous alloys won't fit. Looks like I need new locks with a slimmer key. Anyone know what type will fit ? Vendors for the McGard range are unable to help me Cheers Frank
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    W124 polybushes ?

    Thanks lads - do MB sell polyurethene bushes or just rubber ? The polybushes are easier to fit, last longer but would be more expensive. That's interesting that the camber arms are so cheap...
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    W124 polybushes ?

    Hey folks Can't get the rear suspension aligned within spec, and it's eating tyres so I guess I need to renew the suspension bushings. Is there a polybush kit for the W124 ? Polyflex and Superflex don't like many MB options in their catalogs. Failing that, is there a bolt and standard bush...
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    Tensioner change

    Hi Ian Have just done the same for my M102.982 engined W124 (as part of renewing the cylinder-head gasket job), it's pretty easy. The tensioner cover bolt needs a 32mm socket: - undo the tension from the serpentine belt & remove it from the alternator pulley - remove the alternator upper...
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    Changing rubber pipes to silicon

    I know what you're saying, but... it's turning out that silicon is costing about the same as rubber (from MB). Since there's a lead time on getting the parts, I went to a specialist MB salvage yard (here in Ireland) to pick up the bit I need. The guy there was saying that this particular pipe...
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    Changing rubber pipes to silicon

    Hi folks After bursting a water pipe (the small vertical rubber pipe between water-pump and thermostat housing) and see the price of a replacement from my MB dealer, I would rather spend the money replacing all the rubber pipes (as much as possible) with their silicon equivalent. A "kit"...
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    ABS ECU on '92 230CE

    Hi folks Have just picked up a nice '92 230CE with AMG bodykit. Nice condition, but a small list of faults for those "project" weekends. The worst of these appears to be that the ABS fault indicator lights up from time to time - more frequently in the wet, but once in a while in the dry. Car...
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