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    E55 Rust Pics

    I recently sold my 2000 E-class - taking a significant loss after only 6 months - as I could no longer put up with the thought of the tin worm re-emerging through poor MB repairs for the next 8 years. Clearly mine was one of a bad batch and some E an C class' are not suffering too badly. I...
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    Mercedes v. Volvo

    I am just about to take delivery of a pre-reg V70 Sport 2.4, having just sold my 2000 E320CDI AG after 6 months of painful ownership. Reasons for sale : Corrosion that will not go away, MB approach to resolving corrosion damage, uncomfortable seats, poor ventilation, fear of large bills...
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    Orthopedic seats

    Back to the future Maybe I have just got a sublaxated back which is sensitive to hard seats!
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    210 Bodywork recall

    On a 2001 model, you should have no resistance from the dealer or MBUK to a corrosion damage claim. Before you go to the dealer, I would check along all the seams around the doors as i found some rust along the bottom edge of the front doors where the door seal fits. On my doors i had...
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    W210 Avantgarde Seat Ache !

    Thanks; unfortunately, the seats do not have adjustable lumbar support , but I have adjusted the rake etc, but with no real improvement. I am a little surprised if the drivers seat cushions and pads have given up after 84 k miles, but I'll try the passenger seat for a while (!) as it will have...
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    W210 Avantgarde Seat Ache !

    It may just be my shape , but I am finding that the front seats in my W210 Avantgarde are causing my ribcage to ache. The seat back side supports seem just too narrow for my back. They seemed OK when I bought the car but as I've used it more, I'm finding the seats uncomfortable. A few weeks...
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    Audio APS 30 Unit will not eject CD

    I'm installing an Audip 30 APS into my W210. Yesterday I had the speed signal sorted by the ICE shop (CAN Bus wired in ) and after a few runs, the unit is now navigating really well. I have another problem : the Eject button does not eject the Nav CD ! When I press the button...
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    In-dash Sat Nav/CD/Tuner

    I was wondering the same question myself. If the Nav CD needs to be inserted to frequently amend route or choose another destination, a CD changer would surely be essential. Can anyone advise ?
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    In-dash Sat Nav/CD/Tuner

    Wobbly, thanks for that ; just the sort of experience I was hoping to get. Can I take it that the APS 30 works well and is integrated into speedo display ? Many thanks.
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    In-dash Sat Nav/CD/Tuner

    My W210 has the basic Tuner/Cassette. I'd obviously like to upgrade to a CD player(single is OK), but I'm very tempted to go for an in-dash Sat Nav/CD/Tuner option. Not too keen on the stick-on units with wires! I've seen a Becker Traffic Pro High Speed package which I can have fitted...
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    Tiscali Broadband Modem Problems

    I experience the same problem with my Tiscali broadband modem. As I cannot get easy access to the USB connection, I always re-boot the PC after which it usually connects although on 2 occasions I had to re-boot twice. I had assumed that I was hitting a down period for the broadband service but...
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