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    CLS55 AMG

    😂😂 Never thought of it like that, obviously didn’t think too much into it. Think it’s just the two! Vic
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    Lenny's CLS 55 AMG

    Hi Lenny, the car looks amazing! Did you manage to sell in the end?
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    CLS55 AMG

    Hi all :) I was wondering if anyone could share thoughts and opinions on the following: Mercedes CLS 55 AMG 2006 (06) I've been looking for one for a few months now, but am new to AMG ownership. Well actually I'm new to Mercedes ownership having mostly BMWs in the past. I think these are a...
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    New owner looking for CLS55 AMG Any opinions on the above?
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    New owner looking for CLS55 AMG

    Thanks for your reply. It's hard to know what to pay for one because a few are listed at 11k upwards, when I get an online valuation the cars are actually valued at 8-10k. I use this simply as a guide as it doesn't account for spec and condition etc. I don't want to overpay and part of me...
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    New owner looking for CLS55 AMG

    Hi Guys and Girls, I have still been looking for the right CLS55. At the 12-14k price point do you think this is the lowest these cars will drop to (for a clean and well maintained example)? In other words, do you think the CLS55 is a relatively sound investment too?
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    Designo cls55

    Looks a nice car, for someone new to Mercedes and AMG, what do we actually think this example is worth? Currently up for £19,995 but seems steep even in it's superb condition.
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    New owner looking for CLS55 AMG

    Can you send more information. I can't send you a PM as I am new on the forum.
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    Considering a CLS 55 amg

    This thread is interesting. Not sure if prices are temporarily on the up due to used car prices generally seeing the same trend, or if sellers are now trying to make as much as they can. Most CLS55s now are £13-14k upwards although there aren't many on the market. I'm also looking but it's...
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    Newbie looking for CLS55 AMG

    Hi there all! I'm new here and new to Mercedes as I am now looking for my first one ever! I've had a few cars, mostly BMW but nothing V8 and now I have the itch for AMG. I was wondering if anyone can offer any advice on the CLS55 and the current prices. I noticed there was a thread from 2021...
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