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    2013 C63 AMG Saloon with transferable Mercedes warranty to Nov 2019

    I am looking to sell my C63 W204. It has 45k miles, full MB service history and a transferable AMG warranty that runs out in November 2019. Interior is black leather and is very good condition. Exterior is very good too and it is finished in Black. I am looking for £25,000. Not sure how to...
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    I'm only had my C63 for 6 months...

    Same thing on the GL350. I spotted the speedo onnthat after a few months too. Is it a merc thing?
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    I’m sure the recent black friday price was £1200 fitted, so if this one is the best ever then i would assume it would be lower than £1200.
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    This is why i would never buy a tuning box on ebay, you never know what you will end up getting.
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    Mobile Tyre Rack - build it yourself

    Great idea might have to try this
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    Have Mercedes interiors become too "busy"?

    I like the new S class interior
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    Exhaust shops

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    Dip Stick.

    I wish they would give us a cold oil level, would make life easier. Even after 5 mins my dipstick is covered in oil, so have to wait more like 10-15 mins.
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    S211 best MPG

    Thats pretty impressive.
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    Driving in the snow - TC on or TC off?

    In the golf? Yep just left everything as it was and had no issues being a FWD car with narrow tyres.
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    Driving in the snow - TC on or TC off?

    Had to take my sisters golf this morning
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    Driving in the snow - TC on or TC off?

    I did the diagonal dance yesterday in my c63! I have left it on tc sport in snow, may try it today with tc on.
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    C63 Rear Tyres...after 4k miles

    Is that for PS4 or PS4S?
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    C63 Rear Tyres...after 4k miles

    Cant wait until my current conti 5Ps are finished. Will be putting on Michelin’s next. But as i have 18” wheels i will have to go with PS4 instead of PS4S.
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    New C63

    Lovely car
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    Buying C63 would you get a RAC inspection

    +1 I had my secondary cats removed and straight piped at MSL, sounds epic now without losing the signature AMG tone.
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    W204 C63 Newbie

    Nice stuff. It will feel better than brand new. I need to do this on mine too when the westher gets a bit better. Was thinking of using a clay mitt, supposed to work just as well as a bar...
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    C63 Lowering Options

    Yes i ran them on my E92 and yes they are amazing. It doesn’t look like they do coilovers for a c63 unfortunately.
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    C63 Lowering Options

    Never realised Ohlins did coilovers for a C63?
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    Buying C63 would you get a RAC inspection

    Agree with a merc specialist
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