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    Wanted e55 or clk55 engine

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    W202 bonnet

    Looking for a rust free genuine w202 bonnet, drivers front wing and tailgate Colour not important Gary 07515620141
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    Wanted e55 or clk55 engine

    Anybody have either engine for sale?
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    w202 Door puddle lights

    I will take these give me a ring or text 07515620141 Cheers Gary
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    W202 electric rear blind

    As above looking for an electric rear blind, also looking for the loom and switch etc for a w202 Gary
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    Benz On The Green 2015 on May the 16th. MBClub and PCS anual GTG

    im going to have remove myself from the list, im now having to work the weekend, maybe next year. enjoy everyone
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    c280 sport 1998 oil

    A good quality 5/40 or even 5/30 fully synthetic would be what I'd put in it
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    The 500E went in to have a Stone Chip Fixed

    Looks absolutely stunning top effort!!!
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    Special offers from PCS, Eurocharged and Celtic Tuning on May the 16th at BOTG

    Can I book a eurocharger remap on my c43 ??
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    Finally........a stunning SL320 is mine, all mine!

    Lovely looking motor. Love this shape SL
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    Recent purchase - C43

    Cheers guys, I'm looking forward to getting it home and cleaned up and start enjoying ownership
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    My entry into AMG motoring

    Very nice car this, love the silver c43's
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    My new Toy CLS 55 AMG

    Looks great , lovely engine
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    Recent purchase - C43

    thats the plan all being well
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    Recent purchase - C43

    Needs a good clean inside and out
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    Recent purchase - C43

    Having had a few c280 sports over the last few years in various forms (n/a and skyline powered most recently) I fancied a c43, now currently i think these cars are way undervalued are will increase in value over e next 5-10years. I found a few but speaking to the owners I gathered they had...
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    My C43/C55 Conversion

    Thanks peter Will do
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    They are poor to deal with I dread when I have to visit the offices or even worse talk over the phone
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    8 Hour detail, s211

    Very nice job
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