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    A207 2010 Fuse Chart

    Maybe this helps
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    My latest PROBLEM

    Had this happen to an old Corsa I owned, turns out someone had backed into it in the early hours of the morning with their fat ass Megane. No other damage to the front apart from a cracked headlight housing and minor scuffs. It was an MOT failure.
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    CLC Owners Handbook

    Hey! Does anyone know where I can find an online version of the CLC owners handbook? I don't quite fancy paying £40~ for a physical copy, and I've had a look at a few different sites including the official one, and they don't have the CLC handbook listed...
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    Key Fob Not Locking/Unlocking/Starting Car

    Exactly, it had lost it's programming. When he put the key in his machine it had no data on it. He said this can happen with cheaper keys. At least I have a spare key now and the dealer paid for the new one! Happy days.
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    Key Fob Not Locking/Unlocking/Starting Car

    [RESOLVED] For anyone that stumbles across this thread, this is now resolved. I had a key company come out. He said the key that came with the car was a cheap aftermarket one (you can tell as the circuit board was white and not green). He programmed a new key for me, and reprogrammed the old...
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    Key Fob Not Locking/Unlocking/Starting Car

    Hello! Recently the proud owner of a 2010 MB CLC 1.8 Kompressor manual. Currently trying to sort out an issue with this car that has left the RAC and my dealer baffled. So took it for a test drive a few days ago - everything was kosher. Key fob was working as expected. I went to unlock the car...
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