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    Happy birthday Ian B Walker

    Many happy returns Ian, I will drink some of your favourite wine for you tonight! :D
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    Anyone into bikes as well?

    Bloody Romans, crap builders, that bridge is only 2000 years old! Good job I don't have knobblies on the bike, they would have demolished the thing! :D
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    Anyone into bikes as well?

    Next week we will be riding the N260 in Spain along the foot of the Pyrenees, supposed to be a fantastic road. Suffer suffer! :D :D
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    Anyone into bikes as well?

    My bike Here it is, had it a year and just LOVE it!
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    GTG - Western France in September

    There is room for you on the back of the bike Pammy :D
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    GTG - Western France in September

    Bugger! Can't make it! Already arranged to ride the Route Napoleon and the Gorge du Verdon with some friends on those dates.
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    won't be around much from now on.

    So sorry Pammy. Bob
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    Happy Birthday Kinky

    Happy Birthday Mark, have a good one!
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    US Soldiers Trophies of War...

    Don't even need to go that far John. I intended to mention what happens to prisoners taken by Afghans but I think it would quite rightly seriously disturb a lot of members of this forum. War is a terrible thing and believe me nobody wants to be there. Give a thought to the coalition soldiers in...
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    Missing Thread

    Timmy, I asked a question in the thread that was removed so you may not have seen it. I used to be with the MOD and think we may have met, were you with the Foreign Office?
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    A whimsical view of life in present day UK - its meant to be funny !

    I think you are going to be very disappointed if you think there will be a fundamental change. Even if a politician existed that opposed the sorry state of affairs in the UK they would be too afraid of career ending castigation by the PC brigade.
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    Ian Walker has an obsession

    Looking is one thing, having ones nose in a young ladies cleavage is another :D:D
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    Ian Walker has an obsession

    Nope, the coupe belongs to Bev! I'm so glad I told her about this problem, for sure she will remember and keep reminding him, wives are good at that! :devil: :D
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    Ian Walker has an obsession

    I always thought Ian was a bit obsessive about Mercs and I now know there are other obsessions working away in his head! During his time down here he has brought to my notice that there are lots of topless girls on the beach and even more walking around bra-less. I hadn't ever noticed these...
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    Ian Walker nicked!

    Ian arrived safely after many hours in traffic jams. He got nicked 8 klms from here for failing to stop at a Stop sign...€90! More to follow...........
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    Bird Spotting What is it?

    Now that is going to cost you!!!!!
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    Heater probs

    Really good that you get some practice in Ian then you can do the same with mine when you come down here :D :D :D
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    Name change for Kikkthecat

    It was! We got 20% off! :D
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    Name change for Kikkthecat

    Kikkthecat has just spent a few days down here annoying me which has led to his name change, from now on he will be known as Raythetw*t. Fortunately I just waved goodbye to him and don't expect to see him again for at least a year or even more if I am lucky!
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    124 AC problem

    Went out yesterday with the small thermometer sitting in the central air vent. Coming back was a 20 minute run at 60mph, checked the thermometer...4c! Exactly as tested when overhauled! Now I will crawl back into my shell...........
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