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    SL500 M119 5.0l Engine needed!

    Bump!! Sorry, but getting desperate now!
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    SL500 M119 5.0l Engine needed!

    Thanks to a broken timing chain at about 100 MPH I could really do with a new engine for a 96 SL500. Valves have made good contact with pistons etc and would rather just transplant a known good lump in rather than rebuild this old one. Thanks
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    07 Vito, couple of questions....

    Hi All, Any ideas how to reset service indicator on an 07 vito with type B steering wheel controls? Also are there any known issues with scrubbing tyres out every 15k miles? Help gratefully recieved Thanks
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    E320CDi Estate 7 Seater

    Thanks for the replies and the link, have been looking on ebay and hadnt seen that one. However did see this one and would appreciate your collective thoughts.... Low mileage is a bonus...
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    E320CDi Estate 7 Seater

    It has rear seats but try fitting a child seat into them withouit having your knees around your ears!!!!!
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    E320CDi Estate 7 Seater

    Hi guys, The trusty SL500 has finally had to go, wifey says that as a 5 person family a two seater is not practicle......My advice was to sell the kids which wasn't met very well!! Looking to buy a high spec E320 CDI Estate with the foldaway rear seats. Have somewhere in the region of 15...
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    96 SL500 Roof wont!

    ecu reset did the job on second attempt. First attempt it was left for 30 mins and still nothing Second attempt was best part of an hour and all was well again. Thanks
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    96 SL500 Roof wont!

    Its come to that time of year again and the hard top is due for going back on. Hit the roof lower button to stow the sft top and all is as it should be at first, windows lower left and right and then nothing. Pushed roof button to up and windows raise. Try roll bar switch and all I get...
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    SL500 R129 rattling when cold.....

    Thanks guys. Will get it airborne over the weekend and take a look at everything
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    SL500 R129 rattling when cold.....

    Just a quickie for you 500 guys... My 96 SL500 rattles like a good un when first started from cold. The rattle is not coming from the engine but seems to be from the Gearbox / Exhaust area. Have been told that it might be the cats Anyone come accross this before, any ideas? Thanks in...
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    Brabus SL600 Anyone?
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    Alignment Centre in West London

    You drive an S class and think that a 20 minute drive is a bit of a stretch? I think the guy was trying to be helpful and facetious comments about watford moving are of little help on any information forum!
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    How Fast???

    Touchee ;)
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    How Fast???

    You bloody Bugly riders are all the same.......:D :D You forgot to mention the ZX12 of Headers which achieved a fairly reasonable rate of knotts too eh :bannana:
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    National SL day

    Yeah come on Stats use your imagination :D
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    Anybody ever met a good MB dealer?

    Only in the commercial vehicle side thus far. Mercedes Edgeware road used to be great before Mercedes closed them down and passed the site onto the car side of things. Edgeware Road was the last of the wholly owned Mercedes commercial dealers and not one of the many franchises. Since the...
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    July - Nurburgring Canonball?

    Just found this thread......doh!!! A fantastic trip!! Had an absolute hoot and met some great people along the way. Have had the pleasure of riding and driving the "Ring" before so wasnt entirely new to the track. The SL performed faultlessly and myself and my son managed some great...
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    Anyone seen any good number plates on cars lately?

    Lol I take it your toungue is firmly embedded in your cheek with that one? :) :)
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    SL500 EPC Anyone?

    Can anyone get me the part #'s for the left and right door speakers, the two together in a moulded frame for 1996 SL500 I know one of them is 129 820 39 02 but dont know which hand this is and dont know what the other part # is Many thanks Nigel
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    18" SL230 alloys

    Nice set of alloys which seem reasonable in price. Would these fit a 129 SL? SL 230 18" alloys
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