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    Any one with epc

    Can any one price up this please w2032675524 gear shift please.
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    W203 auto gear shift selector replacement - is this easy to do?

    bump I have the same problem
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    W203 gone sick

    Hi missy I,ll give cole a ring (re sick c class) when I get back from my hols Menorca on Monday for a couple of weeks.
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    W203 gone sick

    The w203 has gone sick. Its showing P0705 fault. Gear lever jams. Not showing correct gear on the dash. Any idea if it is the shift lever that's gone bad? Any idea of the price of A2032676024
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    Trolley Jack recommendations

    I bought one of these a couple of weeks ago. Execellent with dual pistons which raises car quicker.
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    iPod plug

    The plug that plugs into my iPod in the centre consul has broken is it possible to buy the lead? It was working fine I just need I new lead
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    Alloy wheel rim protectors

    alloygators Does anyone know where I can get alloygators fitted in the London/surrey area ??
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    W203 Ashtray Wiring (Missing Connector)

    Is there a part number for the connector ?
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    Breaking rust free facelift W210 estate

    power outlet I need the 12 volt power outlet and connector/ loom out of the boot.
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    Tranny oil

    Is the tranny oil for the newer 7G gearbox the same as the old stuff I used in the my54 722.6 gearbox ?
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    wanted viesso

    Wanted viesso mb4
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    Wanted slk with all the goodies

    going to look whats the view and value on this sl
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    New to Mercs

    Engine Was there ever a M112 engine fitted to the SL350 or are they all M272 engines (balance shaft issues)
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    Wanted slk with all the goodies

    Leaning towards a sl 350 due to m272 issues. Views on a m112 3.7 motor. What year was the face lift model with widescreen command??
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    Wanted slk with all the goodies

    bump Bump
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    Wanted slk with all the goodies

    Wanted slk350 with all the goodies About MY55 before the car tax hike.
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    steering wheel off-on - ESP warning remains

    Ollie replaced my clock spring a couple of months ago and it needed Star to clear the ESP fault.
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    Drive to PCS GTG 17th May Clockwise early morning run

    Going to be a racket going through the hindhead tunnel:D:D
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    Drive to PCS GTG 17th May Clockwise early morning run

    One little thing Just one thing. Whats the dress code for tomorrow, Shorts and hawawian:eek:
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    Drive to PCS GTG 17th May Clockwise early morning run

    Did someone say there was a gregs at chobam?? That's my breaky sorted then 2 sausage rolls.
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