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    5 Speed R129 Wanted

    Was there ever a manual option? Don't think I have seen one.
  2. J

    5 Speed R129 Wanted

    Just as an aside, the guy who sold me my car worked for MB when the R129 was launched. He said the car was a must-have for a while (remember Princess Di bought one, which scandalised the press as it was german) and you often get cars with a lot of expensive extras like the 5-sp auto box...
  3. J

    5 Speed R129 Wanted

    Yep :)
  4. J

    5 Speed R129 Wanted

    My 5-speed is for sale til Sunday. 1991 MERCEDES 300SL-24 AUTO BLACK | eBay
  5. J

    Help! R129 500SL power roof woes!

    James you probably need to start a new thread for this, but you could also try the process described by Jay above. Good Luck Jon
  6. J

    My R129 SL300-24 for sale

    Listed today on Ebay Any suggestions for improving the listing appreciated. 1991 MERCEDES 300SL-24 AUTO BLACK | eBay Jon
  7. J

    Virgin - on the ridiculous !

    I suspect the OP was travelling on a discounted ticket, as most of us do. The deal is very straightforward. You give up the flexibility of a full price ticket in order to get a cheaper price but the airline will never offer flexibility on that ticket class. They want you to pay more for the...
  8. J

    Wife wants a "Cute" car.

    My daughter has a similar spec and wants one of these Vauxhall Adam
  9. J

    Buying abroad? (EU)

    True, but how many people on the forum are thinking of spending 60k on a car they need to keep overseas for 6 months? Jon
  10. J

    Buying abroad? (EU)

    Probably a very minority interest subject, and you haven't given very long for people to think about it. Incidentally I imported an older car from ireland, MOT'd it, then had to wait 3 weeks for the paperwork from DVLA during which time it just sat on the drive. Cheers Jon
  11. J

    'My first SL'

    That engine does encourage the occasional brief bout of foot-down driving, just for the fun of it. Allegedly . . . Enjoy the car. Jon
  12. J

    W124 M104 bogging when warm + fuel leak

    Obviously the wife comes first, but my experience is that the dizzy cap is a consumable on these, the root of most problems, and worth changing after more than 3 years regardless of your current issue. Cheers and good luck to both of you. Jon
  13. J

    Impulse bought a tired old W124 320TE... what to do!?

    If you are anywhere near Gloucester this guy knows them inside out, and has loads of parts. Chase Lane, Eastern Avenue, Gloucester, Glos GL4 6PG, United Kingdom Tel: +44(0)7899801373 Email: [email protected]
  14. J

    Bumper restoration tips

    My front bumper had a split, a scrape, and generally was showing all of its 24 years. Last week I had it in the body shop and it looks like new. £195 Hard to imagine DIY achieving as much, I think.
  15. J

    Share tip for you

    That was the OP for this thread. Current price HERENCIA RESOURCES (LSE:HER) 0.2000
  16. J

    R129 Bonnet

    Glad you found it and if you are an idiot then so am I. And I also came from a C270cdi to my R129. Two thoughts occurs reading your various threads. Is the battery healthy? If so is there any damp around the box under the driver's seat? Either could cause strange electric symptoms. The seat...
  17. J

    R129 Bonnet

    I remember this bafflement. You pop the catch and the bonnet comes up an inch. You then reach into the bottom triangle of the star - nothing visible - and bend you finger up towards the centre. Pull, and Voila! Jon
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    I see you're in Preston. I was in Burnley Tuesday night and it was definitely cold enough then. Brrrr!
  19. J

    Best time to book flights?

    OK It looks like your dates are only slightly flexible, and your destination plans aren't flexible? In that case you probably want to book early rather than late, so it's a case of looking for a good early deal. The first thing to do, once flights are showing on systems, is get a feel for...
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