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  1. J

    Autodim mirror fault

    BY way of update - turned out that the front sensor had just been knocked out of its socket. All working again :)
  2. J

    E220 CDI Avantgarde Estate (tip auto)

    Finally looking to move on from my lovely S211, which I've owned since Feb 2011. Photos available here. The car is on a 54 plate and has 130k on the clock. Colour is perlite gray. It has been very well cared for with a FSH (MB up to 86k). The bodywork and interior are excellent order, and...
  3. J

    Autodim mirror fault

    Thanks Dieselman. The dimming does indeed disappear when unplugged and when reverse is engaged, so not sure what the problem could be. Spoke to MB and phone who told me I'd need to cough up £450 for a new one, I've seen breakers selling them for a tenth of that!
  4. J

    Autodim mirror fault

    Yesterday a numpty in a Citroen C5 parked so close to my driver's door I had to climb through via the passenger side to access the driver's seat. En route I whacked the rear view mirror with my knee. The result is that the rear view mirror is now permanently on autodim mode, so that it is...
  5. J

    Deactivating the alarm

    The battery is my car is relatively new, but after my car has been parked up 4-5 days at a time I get a message telling me that convenience functions are suspended. I believe the alarm system uses up quite a bit when the car is parked. Is there any easy way to deactivate the alarm so it isn't...
  6. J

    Clicking noise on full turn

    For info for anyone who experiences similar symptoms - garage identified problem as being seized alternator pulley. Replaced relatively inexpensively and seems to have done the trick.
  7. J

    Air con service

    How many folks get their aircon serviced every two years? I ask because my car is currently being serviced and the garage has offered to recharge it for £50. I last had it done two years ago and, to be honest, I hadn't noticed any problem with it (though haven't had the climate control on a...
  8. J

    Clicking noise on full turn

    Cheers - that was the first thing that occurred to me, but a colleague tells me RWD vehicles don't have CV joints? Confusing! :~/
  9. J

    Clicking noise on full turn

    Recently I've noticed an occasional / intermittent clicking noise when turning hard at low speed (eg, parking etc). It seems to be coming from the front end of the car. Power steering fluid seems ok, but my mechanical knowledge is limited. A trawl of the web suggests possible issues with CV/...
  10. J

    Insurance when selling old car

    I actually took it around a few local dealers and was happy with the deal I struck with one of them. It was a 53 plate Picasso diesel with 78k on the clock. Few bits and bobs needed tidying, but it was mechanically sound. Got £1.2k in the end, £500 more than a certain local car supermarket...
  11. J

    What's it worth....

    I may be looking to trade in the next month or two and would be v grateful if any trade members here might be able to give me a ballpark figure of what I should expect in p/ex. Last few cars I have found that I have been able to get better prices by getting quotes from local dealers rather than...
  12. J

    SBC: The Ticking Time-Bomb

    Just to refire this thread - what's the maximum mileage anyone has heard of a car with SBC that has not required repair? Or has anyone got any idea of average mileage when the failure arises?I have 125k on a 54 plate and was wondering whether I should change in the near future so as to avoid the...
  13. J

    Name / part no/ for this piece of trim?

    Didn't think of using VHB tape to try to stick it back on! I have the original part, but the mountings have broken. Good old sticky tape might just do the job!
  14. J

    Name / part no/ for this piece of trim?

    Anyone have a part number (or even the proper name!) for the chrome plate that sits along the driver's door sill with the Mercedes Benz name and logo on it? Need a new one! Cheers.
  15. J

    Repairing / replacing chrome bumper strip

    I just noticed today that the chrome strip on my front bumper is starting to peel at one corner. Can anyone tell me how easy / difficult it would be to repair or replace this strip, and where I could source another? Cheers.
  16. J

    Insurance when selling old car

    Thanks to everyone for your very helpful replies :)
  17. J

    Insurance when selling old car

    My other half has decided to change. We have always p/ex'd to save hassle, but on this occasion the offer was so low we've decided to hold on to her old car and try to sell it privately or, failing that, putting it into auction. We've been told we can pick the new car up on Wed and obviously we...
  18. J

    Purchasing A180 CDI

    Wife is looking for a new (used) car and is keen on the A-class. She's spotted a A180 CDI on an 08 plate that she likes. 49k. A quick search of the forum reveals that CVR auto gearboxes (which I assume are the only type of gearboxes on this car?) can be unreliable. I really don't want a huge...
  19. J

    Remap insurance: Chris Knott v Adrian Flux

    My current insurer is Chris Knott (with Highway). Renewal time has come around and AF have quoted me £30 lower (with Red Star Equity). I've read some poor online reviews of AF, but then again if they are much of a muchness I may as well save a few ££. Anyone any experience with either of the...
  20. J

    How to check power steering fluid?

    Would anyone be able to tell me where the power steering fluid reserve is located in the E220 CDI engine? I did have a poke around, but couldn't see anything obvious, though I didn't take off the plastic cover which maybe I need to do? Bit of noise and juddering this morning at full lock, so...
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