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    E53 Coupe - AMG Ride Control/Airmatic Fault

    After some very poor service from my local dealership my car has finally been repaired. The suspension dropped completely making the car undriveable and it had to be recovered on a flat bed lorry. It turned out that the compressor and relay had failed and both needed replacing. Luckily I had...
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    E53 Coupe - AMG Ride Control/Airmatic Fault

    Thanks for the advice about dirt. There is a lot of salt on the car so I will try cleaning it when I can. It is booked in to be looked at. It was only serviced a couple of weeks ago and was fine then.
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    E53 Coupe - AMG Ride Control/Airmatic Fault

    I have got a fault come up on my car which shows a suspension fault and says to not drive the vehicle over 50 mph. Anyone any ideas? I haven’t spoken to the dealership yet. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence but the fault first happened when I was reversing off my drive on the coldest morning...
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    E53 Safety Recall

    The car was due to go in today but was cancelled by the dealership at the last minute as apparently they need a special tool which they need to order. They clearly haven’t got a clue on how to do the harness recall. I am seriously considering not having it done as I am concerned they are going...
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    E53 Safety Recall

    What is the other recall for? I have only been informed of the harness one.
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    E53 Safety Recall

    Has anyone had the recall work done relating to a possible misrouting of the transmission wiring harness? My car went in last week and after the dealership having the car for 3 days they seemed unable to order the correct parts to do the rectification work. It is booked in again for next week...
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    Potential E53 purchase of MB Approved Used

    The tyres on mine are Yokohama Advan. I had to have my front tyres replaced at quite a low mileage. These were the original fitted from new and are MO.
  8. J

    Looking for a 507

    Bramley car sales have got one for sale with about 20k miles
  9. J

    New wheels for my E53 coupe

    Not for me I’m afraid. The factory diamond cut 20” wheels look much nicer IMO
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    Great sporting weekend.

    I’m sick of hearing about it. The England football coverage is bordering on hysterical.
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    E53 Coupe Facelift

    Glad to hear that you are enjoying the car. I keep mine in comfort too.
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    E53 Coupe Facelift

    I have apart from a few very annoying squeaks and rattles. The pan roof has rattled since it was new and has been in several times under warranty but has never been successfully fixed. I think it is a common problem but hopefully yours will be ok. Apart from that it’s been a great car, no other...
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    C63S Coupe - windscreen washers not working

    I made the same mistake on my E53 coupe 😳
  14. J

    SLK upgrade time

    There is one for sale here. It looks in very nice condition.
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    Yes I have had the letter too. I have got an E53 coupe. It says I have overpaid by £10 a year so it’s not a huge refund. How much was yours?
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    What Have You Done To Your Merc Today?

    My E53 coupe had its second service today. I got 3 years free servicing from new so it didn’t cost me anything 😄 I don’t know if it’s just me but something that infuriates me is why settings on the car are tampered with which have got nothing to do with the service. When I got the car back the...
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    E53 - is it a compromise for a full fat E63?

    I have got an E53 coupe and for me it has got more than enough performance for the road. There is of course no E63 coupe so that wasn’t an option for me. I am not sure if the engine sound is fake or not, I hadn’t thought about it until it was mentioned on here. Either way it isn’t too obtrusive.
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    AMG E53 Convertible (2018+)

    I have got an E53 coupe and I’m happy to try and answer any questions that you have.
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    E53 Coupe Facelift

    There is a face lifted E53 due out later this year: I think it looks really good, although I’m slightly annoyed that I have have only had mine for just over a year and it is being replaced already. The car in the video is in a new colour, graphite grey. I’m not normally a fan of greys but it...
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    E53 Coupe evo Review

    I haven’t seen one in that colour, it looks really good. I didn’t know that heated armrests and TV reception were options.
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