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    Longlife Basingstoke doing my Cat delete

    Sounds lovely. In may last year as I was taking the SL to get MOT'd I noticed a rattle from the exhaust. It seems the cat's have gone, but it passed the omissions test, which surprised both the testers and myself. Since then I've just left it but the rattle is annoying and MOT time is here...
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    Another SL60

    Same here, hence the question. Should probably check the handbook. Though I always assumed the SL60 had the 155mph limiter removed also. Is this the case?
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    Another SL60

    Ah, thanks for that. Thought he was referring to the 155mph limiter.
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    Another SL60

    looks lovely regardless of mileage, if it were nearer I'd go and have a look, and possibly be talked into the grey leather. If it were mushroom leather, it would be perfect. One query though, what's the "speed limiter" that's working still?
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    Do these wheels/tyres fit?? Read this first! Offset/fitment answers within..

    Can anybody tell me whether any of these wheels will fit a 1996 R129 SL500? I've looked in the guide but struggle to work out if these will fit straight on or not? Thanks in advance. 17" 7.5J ET35 Mercedes 17" AMG Alloys & Continental Tyres - Set Of 4 | eBay UK 18" 8J ET31 Genuine Mercedes...
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    What colour is this Sl55??

    Love that colour, would certainly pick that over another identical car in silver and possibly black too. That car looks a tad overpriced to me.
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    Nice 'cheap' SL for Summer

    Likewise, I keep looking at R230's but I'm waiting for prices to drop further on 55's and 600's. With regards to practicality, I agree the R129 is great, we have managed to get a whole weeks of camping gear in ours for a trip to the Highlands, including food, firewood, cooking gear, tent...
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    Rant: The AA

    This is the reason I would never use the AA, the audacity of thinking they were the fourth emergency service really rankled me. I much prefer the RAC who I'm with. They've been great.
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    SL55 Pace Car Spec

    There's a black one on AT for just shy of £30k iirc.. Here it is; 2004 Mercedes-Benz SL Class 5.5 litre SL55 AMG F1 PACE CAR.VERY RARE CAR
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    129 grille and seat base

    In fact, in respect of all the above, I've just realised yours is a seven blade grille and mine is only a six blade! Terribly sorry, I've no idea if they're compatible.
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    129 grille and seat base

    Had a look at mine and can confirm that the long top one is in good condition, as are the next two down on either side, except the 3rd down on RH side has a wee bend in it that could possibly be straightened out. I will sort out a picture later today and post it so you can have a look and decide...
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    129 grille and seat base

    I've got an old R129 grille sitting in the cupboard which is the tarnished bronze colour. Some of the slats are damaged but the top 3 are in pretty good undamaged condition iirc. When I had a wee bump I just replaced the whole grille so this one is gathering dust. Could sort you put a picture...
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    R129 SL500 side window won't close/go up. Any ideas?

    Hey folks, Was out today and was heading home so we decided to drop the soft top as it was lovely. So the windows dropped, roof stows, and windows go back up, all as per normal, lovely, but as we were crawling along through traffic (immediately after dropping the roof) we decided to drop the...
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    Why can you buy a 2002-2004 (newer shape) Merc SL for £13k?

    It really does, possibly my favourite, though Designo Red as per this one is just stunning and so rare. J & F Group : Mercedes SL55 AMG F1 Performance Package Designo Red If I had £40k odd for one, I'd have that one.
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    R129 window replacement

    Thanks for that, very helpful. I'm trying to push the current one for as long as possible before renewing it, there's no rips or tears but it is looking faded and shabby particularly round the edges (which tend to rub when it's stowing/unfolding) so it's a matter of which comes first, necessity...
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    R129 window replacement

    Looking on their website they quote £510 for a complete soft top which seems pretty good value to me so I wonder if that includes the window plastics as well? I should hope so. Seeing as I was considering a trip to Germany in order to get it done this would seem a better option.
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    So what did YOU do to improve your Mercedes this weekend?

    Took the hardtop off today so summer is officially here! Though to be fair there has been a few weeks now of perfectly fine top down motoring, I was just being lazy, but so glad I did.
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    For Lanciaman; R129 ASR control unit

    After reading of your ASR problems on the SL500 I came across this R129 ASR control unit on eBay, no idea if it works or not but it could be what you need? Mercedes R129 ASR control unit | 0075459332 on eBay (end time 08-Mar-11 14:08:42 GMT)
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    SL60 ebay

    I like it that silver has loads of historical implications for Mercedes, I just find it a tad dull, especially as we've had a glut of silver cars, of all makes, over the last ten years. Saying that if it had a blue interior that would be a great combination (I'm sure there's a historical...
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    R129 Front bumper wanted

    I was wondering about that as I posted. You could be right, I wasn't sure to be honest.
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