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    HOWTO: Replace worn rear disks - W202

    hi buddy very usefull pictures very good great help thanks. Regards Damien
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    insurance for sl 107

    :mad: hi i drive a420sl 1989 i got a shock this morning when i got my renewal quote last year i paid 167 this year its 284 ihave made no claims just seems unfair regards damien :devil:
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    oil pressure 420sl

    hi ihave just had my car serviced before the service the oil pressure on idle when warm was 2 when driving 3 now it is between 1and 2at idle driving 3 also the car has done 149k 420sl thanks in advance regards damien :confused:
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    car covers

    hi, i am about to purchase a indoor car cover for my 420 sl as the car is allways in garage i would like to know if there are any downfalls like condensation iam getting mine from car covers they quoted about 50 pounds thanks in advance regards damien :) :cool: :)
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    :( hi,my 420sl is 16 years old the rust has started to show in the form of bubbling ,rear wheel arches, iam thinking of a respray any ideas on the cost also how long before the rust reapear thanks in advance regards damien :mad:
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    merc breakers se/london

    thanks steve regards damien
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    merc breakers se/london

    :onfused: hi,does any one know of a merc breakers in deptford london regards damien
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    weird starting problem

    hi its turning over but not fireing also good point the heater under the engine didnt think how much damage it could cause regards damien
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    weird starting problem

    :) hi i only drive my sl420 once a week its allways in the garage but i have noticed that if the weather is cold below 4c she wont start then iput on the fan heater on under the engine for 40 minutes and she starts first time also i take her for a 15mile run all motorway so the battery is...
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    Checking VIN numbers+build date

    hi, vlad i had similar sort of problem i wrote to germany hq with proof of ownership and vin numbers it took a few weeks but very help full regards damien
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    hi, thanks guys looks like the old girls still got a few more years left regards damien
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    hard top removeing

    hi,thanks looks quite easy regards damien
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    hi, i was wondering the v8 engine in my 420 sl 150k all oil pressure good no blue or black smoke withapropper service yearly how many more miles would i get doing only 2k motorway driving regards damien :) :)
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    hard top removeing

    :) hi i need some advice on removing the hard top my car is a 420sl 107 model in black also is this a quick job and how to take the soft top out is there a special way regards damien : :confused: :
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    help needed with service

    hi i need some help with my car 420sl 1989 150k what type of engine oil? gearbox oil? diff oil? What mixture of anti- freeze? Where is the drain plug on the gear box? Where is the gear box filter? Where are the drain holes for the doors? I'm thanking everybody in advance. Regards Damien. :o...
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    the aa

    :confused: hi, my SL 420 would not start last week it just turned over but would not fire up, so i called the AA as i have home start. The AA man came, he lifted the bonnet and spent five minutes taking the air filter off and said to me it is the fuel metering unit, which will cost me £1000 plus...
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    hi new member

    :) hi new member wonderfull site just wishing to all my buddies avery merry x mass @ happy new year regards damien :) :bannana:
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