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    Active Bonnet fun and games

    Success with the 1.6 Ohm resistors= no Active Bonnet warning message. You are quite right in that the resistors would need to be replaced if the system did fire again but they cost less than 50 pence each and can be replaced in seconds. To recap: The vague instruction in the owner's manual...
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    Active Bonnet fun and games

    The resistance across the actuators is 1.6 Ohms so resistors of this value should stop the warning coming up so i will try this out of curiosity. However now I have managed to physically reset the actuators I will probably refit them once i can organise 2 people to help me remove and refit the...
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    Active bonnet management mafdunction w212

    When mine fired and raised the rear of the bonnet I found it very difficult to reset/ re compress the actuators on my S212 just by moving the bonnet as the manual suggests. However the actuators are quite simple to remove and compress on a bench just with a vice and a large G clamp. This is...
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    Active Bonnet fun and games

    A year ago a fox ran out in front of my pre facelift S212 [ E350 AMG sport] and despite there being no obvious signs of collision the back edge of the bonnet shot up due to the Active Bonnet pedestrian protection system. Despite trying to follow the recommendation in the manual to open the...
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    anybody toyed with more comfortable front seats for w107 sl

    I hadnt seen anything of Derek for a few years because I moved out of owning a Mercedes and only realised he had died when i bought one again. Derek was a keen member of the MBOC and posted very extensively on their forum Home - The Mercedes-Benz Club There will be some pictures there though...
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    Estimated costs for replacing front springs W212 E350d

    Here are some tips from having now successfully changed both front springs on a S212 / W212. Start by watching the available Youtube videos as a first resource but you need the following information to fill in the blanks. [Dont bother with the video where the bloke's young son interrupts him as...
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    Estimated costs for replacing front springs W212 E350d

    Superb thanks. That looks a good one.
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    Estimated costs for replacing front springs W212 E350d

    Has anyone found a useful link to show how to change the springs ? All Ive been able to find so far are threads like this that dont describe the job. Ive got the new springs and ive got some spring compressors and tools that wont break. Can anyone guide me please ?
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    E220 W213 android auto installation for Audio 20

    This sounds positive for Audio 20 owners. Can anyone advise me on options for my early S212 with Audio 50 with integral satnav please as it sounds like the upgrade path would be a whole different ball game. Im after adding Android Auto and DAB functionality plus ideally a larger screen.
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    Headlight ballast

    Seeing those words Headlight Ballast together just made me chuckle. Back in the day an old Mk1 Escort van I had at the time failed it's MoT on headlamp alignment one side. I was waiting during the test and was shown that an adjuster had somehow dropped out of one headlamp support allowing the...
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    Vehicle Rising Please Wait Malfunction

    Changing the airbags appears to be an average DIY job reuirng just basic tools, a jack and axles stands from what i have read. Im confident if mine go I will be able to change them in an evening
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    Cold start issue

    It does sound like a problem with the fast idle. In the old days of mechanical fuel injection this was controlled by an identifiable cold start unit and even an extra injector but is likely to be ECU controlled these days. Have you tried. Allowing the car to warm up for another couple on...
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    Tail light water s212

    Soft selant woul be better for this as it would be easier to seperate later if you ever need to. A roll of self adhesive butyl sealant would probably be as good as anything, ideally the type that is sticky on one side. You would probably have to trim it to size as most of the butyl tape sold is...
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    Modify to Night Edition

    £1800 + Vat for blacking out trim. You have to laugh:wallbash:. Think how many Ukranian refugees that would feed and house.
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    Tail light water s212

    Drops of water at the base of the light shouldnt of any consequence so long as it is outside. Water inside the light is likely to be due to a failed seal around the outside of the lens. Probably best to remove the light to check the seal.
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    Instrument Cluster

    Best to avoid using a black marker pen too once its done. That part looks worse than the part of the screen that looks like it was sneezed on.
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    Cls w218 (2012) speedometer dash display

    people are always reminding me to belt up.:)
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    Cls w218 (2012) speedometer dash display

    Ive seen that on my S212, idly wondered if it was to do with tyre pressures for 2 or more occupants .
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    Instrument Cluster

    Remove the display and strip it down until you get to the actual panel. Look for that ref on Ebay and other sources, order. Swap the panel over when it arrives. Probable cost will be circa £ 35 for the part. Easy enough DIY change so long as you are careful with the ribbon cable.
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