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    Digital Service Book problem

    PM me the vins please
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    Digital Service Book problem

    if you have instagram send me a message @the_r230_sl_specialist
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    Digital Service Book problem

    PM me your vin, i can check it for you if you like?
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    SL350 / R230 Fuel Sloshing Noise

    I fix about one per week. its a really common problem, the baffle welds have broken.
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    WANTED. CLS 55 Or C63 back boxes.

    SL55 ones any good?
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    W211 E63

    I remember this car it was a members. Sold it for half the new asking price!
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    Engine Rebuild Specialist Required - Midlands

    Called MB Automotive and they were really helpful and knowledgeable. They are booked up till end of Dec/Jan. Any other recommendations would be appreciated?
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    Engine Rebuild Specialist Required - Midlands

    Thanks, did call Mercland, they are not taking on big jobs at the moment. Will try MB Automotive 👍
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    Engine Rebuild Specialist Required - Midlands

    Hi all, i need a M112 3.7 V6 engine rebuilt due to it taking in water, it has piston damaged (engine does not fully turn over). Due to it being such low mileage (sub 30k miles) ideally would like to get it rebuilt or worst case just throw a second hand engine it in as they are cheap. Does...
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    The dreaded SBC

    Yes, was towards the end of October 22
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    Just need to put it on Star Diagnostics, takes around 10mins. i cant private message you, do you have a number or email? or message me on instagram @benztronic
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    yes, im in coventry
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    The dreaded SBC

    That is correct, ive had a few customers who have been successful from the MK dealer
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    1 second engine rattle on cold start up (M271)

    Yes ive still got it, drop me a PM
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    Part number?

    Personally if money is tight id put on a genuine used part. When it comes suspension parts i always put on genuine or original manufacturer parts. I see there is one on ebay for £164.
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    Part number?

    just checked on my webparts, correct part is A 205 320 86 30
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    Request Part no?

    from your vin, i can see its A 642 070 13 87
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    Service A required in Birmingham

    MSL Performance if you are in bham
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    SL55 Emergency fuel filler release

    Pull the PSE pump fuse out and then put it back in, it will reset the pump and you should be able to unlock the car with the key before the pump times out again
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    2005 SL 55 AMG F1 R230 Seat Issues

    You really need to get it on STAR to be honest. Hard resets on STAR can sometimes fix issues or help pin point the issue. Cooled seat are not run by AC. It is literally like small computer fans in the seat that run air through them TMPS can be disabled with STAR Have your AC checked with...
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