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  1. Merc59

    AC not working

    Fingers crossed 🤞 no leaks and if there is one it's the condenser, mine on my 08 C class turned out to be the evaporator which is a dash out job and not a cheap fix. Replaced the evaporator, condenser, and pressure valve whist it was being done. AC is icy cold. ❄️☃️
  2. Merc59

    How much do you spend on gas each day?

    Currently our gas is running at 30p per day in summer (combi boiler) and electric is £2.70 per day so bill combines is around £130 / month it rises in winter to around £240 but this is mostly made up of extra gas for heating. 3 bed detached bungalow. Cavity wall insulation - double glazed...
  3. Merc59

    A reason to never visit Wales again.

    Agreed we have a 20mph limit on our road due to a school entrance most vehicles ignore this surprisingly we also have a number of HGV's despite there being a 7.5t GVW restriction also. All down to one thing the risk of being caught in my city is remote due to lack of Police presence on our roads
  4. Merc59

    What's everyone listening to ?

    Anything from RHCP
  5. Merc59

    What Have You Done To Your Merc Today?

    Decided it was time to hopefully cure the annoying boot leak on my 2008 C320. which kept wetting the area where rear fuse box is located into battery tray and finally the spare wheel well. All seemed to be on drivers side passenger side was always bone dry? Boot seal looks ok after putting talc...
  6. Merc59

    Advanced driving course?

    We have a single 30mph fixed speed camera in Hereford on the A465 Belmont Road, you would not believe the number of locals that have been caught over the 30mph limit :fail:
  7. Merc59

    Advanced driving course?

    Or set the speed limiter if you have one, saved me many a time, lets you concentrate on the road especially if you are in unfamiliar territory
  8. Merc59

    Advanced driving course?

    ROSPA also do an advanced driving course under RoadAR which I did a few years ago and found it very useful and informative. They have 3 levels of achievement Bronze, Silver and Gold and you have to retake a test every few years to retain it. I achieved Gold and have to say I learnt a lot on...
  9. Merc59

    Does anyone regret selling a car?

    My 2002 Honda S2000. Had 60,000 miles and perfect bodywork. Was a hoot to drive and loved to be revved. Sold it around 4 years ago to someone in France and have watched its value climb since😔
  10. Merc59

    AC not getting cold

    Agreed mine held vacuum for 45mins but lost charge overnight, when system was pressurised with air and finally nitrogen leak on evaporator was discovered
  11. Merc59

    What Have You Done To Your Merc Today?

    Cursed the car today as brake wear warning is on and checking discs they are all reasonably lipped so new disc and pads all round are needed. Went on line and there are so many options these days on makers, plain, drilled, drilled and grooved? Just want a standard (not at Mercedes prices) plain...
  12. Merc59

    What broadband speed are you getting?

    Currently in "discussions" with talk talk (just renewed for 8th year with them). We used to get 57 - 60Mb download and 18Mb upload, now it has slowed to 35-40Mb download and 5Mb upload with internet drop out. BT engineer called yesterday and replaced the telephone point and then confirmed the...
  13. Merc59

    You know you're getting old when....

    Mine is 3 years younger though we have known each other for just over 48 years (met when she was 13 and I was 16) She knows me far too well so any excuses I try just don't wash with her I'm afraid!
  14. Merc59

    Air con blowing hot air

    Take it to an air con specialist as everyone is advising. My W204 had non functioning AC the red light on switch would flash and go out. Local garage tested, vacuum held so refilled at a cost of £50. The AC worked for a day and stopped, took to specialist who did a leak test using pressure and...
  15. Merc59

    You know you're getting old when....

    Battered spam! now that does bring back some memories! Calling at the cake shop to see if they had any day old cakes for 5p
  16. Merc59

    Loss of our pet and friend

    I know what you mean we lost our faithful golden cocker and vowed not to have another pet but Martini chose us and how could we refuse her.
  17. Merc59

    Loss of our pet and friend

    Believe me she was spoiled rotten and took advantage of it.
  18. Merc59

    Loss of our pet and friend

    Been a really rough couple of days for us adjusting to the sad loss of our cat Martini. She wandered into our life around 8 years ago after abandoning her 1st home (our new next door neighbour) and stayed with us. We eventually moved and she came with us and had been a loving and laid back cat...
  19. Merc59

    Diamond cut refurb or not?

    Plain old silver with silver wheels currently
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