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  1. exvolvoman

    Nano polish on Ebay ...rubbish

    Seriously, what would you expect for £5.49...???
  2. exvolvoman

    Locking wheelnut set - why are the other 4 bolts in there

    Dumped my locking bolts, had one break on the Volvo, turned an ordinary wheel change into a 6 hour marathon, as mentioned, with alloys being so common are they worth stealing? As a note, you may need standard/shorter bolts to fit steel wheel if you have this as a spare.
  3. exvolvoman

    Special tool for broken studs etc

    Various types of these available from good tool stockist's, okay if you have access to drill into the broken bolt/stud
  4. exvolvoman

    Lanoguard test Talking about lanoguard, I found this while searching for rustproofing, seems to be very similar to lanoguard but much cheaper, wondered if anyone has used it?
  5. exvolvoman

    CL203 front wheel hub

    When I replaced the brake dust plates on mine I managed to cut it so it can be slightly bent to go over the hub...can't remember where the cut was actually made but there are some videos online showing how it's done
  6. exvolvoman

    scrashed car

    Take it back to Honda... Seriously though, how can anyone here tell you what to do unless we have more details??
  7. exvolvoman

    Potholes and tires

    I have 205 55 16 tyres on mime, potholes are, and will always will be a problem. Only solution is to try and avoid them, or go over them slowly
  8. exvolvoman

    anti roll bar fouling

    The wheelarch liner is usally held in place with various plastic rivets & nuts, it may just have come loose...
  9. exvolvoman

    Need a good alloy wheel cleaner

    Slightly off topic, when they're cleaned and sparkling, what's the best product to keep them clean? I was thinking of using PoorBoys wax on my newly painted alloys but welcome any recomendations please. The inevitable build up of brake dust makes them dull pretty quickly...thanks guys.
  10. exvolvoman

    Mercedes w169 ESP light after tracking?

    Had a similar problem on my C180K after replacing track rod ends, steering wheel was off center and confused the steering angle sensor. Has the steering wheel been removed previously? Was the rack centralised before refitting? Maybe worth another alignment check, making sure that both ends of...
  11. exvolvoman

    E10 Fuel

    I've been using E10 in both the Merc and Volvo, havent noticed any difference in the Merc but the Volvo fuel consumption has dropped by 2-3 mpg
  12. exvolvoman

    R129 Rear Brake Caliper, 1 piston fine, other piston does not move

    You could try putting a g clamp on the working piston, then see if the other one careful that it doesn't pop out completely though...then try pushing it back, repeating a few times might be enough to free it up
  13. exvolvoman

    Brake Caliper Ceramic Grease .

    I've been using Pad Goo from Bremtech, on the Volvo which is prone to brake squeal. This seems to have stopped it.
  14. exvolvoman

    Touch up pen where?

    Loads of paint shops will be able to supply touch up paint in the correct colour, or try Chipex
  15. exvolvoman

    271940 engine spark plug change - C200 Kompressor

    When I bought my C180K with 118k miles, first major job was to replace timing chain & sprockets, still going good now at 231k. Found this engine fairly easy to work on for usual service items although alternator replacement proved a pita, regular oil & filter changes seem to make a diference, I...
  16. exvolvoman

    Detailed the C200

    Looks very good, I'm so glad you haven't painted the calipers red...
  17. exvolvoman

    Locked out of my car

    This is what I use on locks...
  18. exvolvoman

    Tyre balness inner and outer edge

    I don't want to sound derogatory to the OP, but any driver should be competent enough to know this tyre is not roadworthy, even if it was, there is enough wear to tell you something is not right with either suspension, tracking or inflation. I too would suggest under inflation, but merely...
  19. exvolvoman

    W205 suspension squeak - goes away in wet weather

    Because when it's wet the rubber gets lubricated, you could try a spray lubricant on all the suspension joints...
  20. exvolvoman

    Caliper overhaul.

    You've already mentioned them, but I've used Bigg Red in the past and quite impressed
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