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    MB CLS Daytime Running Light Connection

    Thanks for the advice
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    MB CLS Daytime Running Light Connection

    Hello, I have a 2012 CLS Shooting Brake with LED Daytime Running Lights Occasionally I get a warning light on the dash stating that the left-hand (near-side) light has failed. When I check the light it is indeed not working but generally always starts working again a bit later. I suspect this...
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    2012 Mercedes X219 (CLS63) Seat Pump Location

    Hi All, I've just bought a 2012 CLS63 Shooting Brake and both multi-contour seats don't work. I suspect the air pump has an issue! It looks like the previous owner had problems with the seat air pump fuse blowing as there were spare fuses in the boot. Can anyone confirm: 1) What rating should...
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