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    Ad blue issue

    Got the same on my 2013 E350, just under 400 miles to go. The car has been parked up quite a bit because of lockdown, etc. so I'm guessing there's been some uera crystallisation. I tried locally but no chance of a diagnosis without Star. My local indy was going to be £70 to plug it in then...
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    Diagnostics Confusion - 2013 E350 BlueTec AMG Sport Estate W212 (Facelift) and iCarSoft MB V2.0

    Many thanks Smurf! WDD212 226 ............ :) But....still no progress. I've updated to latest software V11.40 to V11.60 and the iCarSoft program was happy with my serial number and U number, which suggests that I don't have a clone. Tried again with 222.226 and still the same result -...
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    Diagnostics Confusion - 2013 E350 BlueTec AMG Sport Estate W212 (Facelift) and iCarSoft MB V2.0

    Please help, it's driving me nuts........ My treasured E350 is showing a few faults, including an EML light that won't go off, so after looking on here I bought the iCarSoft analyser. Plugged it in and then the fun started. Firstly, it gives me a list of maybe half a dozen different versions...
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    A Few Quick Questions About Diagnostics

    Many thanks for the replies. I've been looking at the MB V2.0 but it doesn't seem to deal with the AdBlue problem. Anybody know one that does?
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    A Few Quick Questions About Diagnostics

    I have a 2013 W212 E350 Estate (facelift), which has led a very cossetted life with me from new and is sitting with only 21k on the clock. Mileage since lock down has been almost zero and I have two problems. First, I have an Engine Management Light on, which I'm hoping is the result of having...
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    EM Light After Flat Battery

    Thanks chaps. After several good runs the light has disaapeared and Eco mode is back as normal.
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    EM Light After Flat Battery

    Hopefully just a quick and easy to sort problem ............ My E350 had an almost dead battery this morning after being garaged for several weeks out of the bad weather. On the third turn of the key I got it to turn over and start. After a run everything is now fine, it still goes like...
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    Audi style sequential indicator mod

    Contact them through the EBay messaging service and ask. The photo shows them as 3 wire, so it's not as simple as connect live and negative and it lights up. Remember also that you want it to work properly when the hazards are turned on, I can imagine that the constabulary would be most...
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    Alloy wheel losing air - refurb vs new alloy

    Chances are that it's either the tyre not seated properly (due to rim corrosion not properly cleaned) or more likely it's the valve - stem old and not replaced, stem not seated properly or sitting on corrosion, valve has some grit in it or valve not screwed in properly before inflation. If the...
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    UK number plates... Look naff!

    That's okay then.. Pity they don't have the same law for my local Sainsburys. .
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    Mercedes Hotrod Ratrod Custom (Not Truck)

    Problem is, at this age most of the electrics will be wonky and the aircon will be duff. If ever a car needed dark tints to hide the driver, this is the one. .
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    UK number plates... Look naff!

    Always thought he was a nobb but couldn't quite put my finger on why. Thanks for the clarification. Some of the angry wheelchair jockeys I've met would call it karma that he's now pushing up daisies. .
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    TESLA 3 details.

    Remember too that you'd be operating the iPad lookee-likee with your left hand. I'm so right-handed I'm hard pushed to scratch my own nose with the left. They are making a UK right hand drive model, aren't they? .
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    I'm a wierd shape, so get my suits made by a guy who spends a lot of time measuring people up in the board rooms of city firms. He reckons that a depressing number of those types have a suit made with the left arm shorter than the right, so they can show off the watch. On further discussion it...
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    Mercedes C63s VS F Type R VS BMW M6 Gran Coupe

    Completely the wrong way to look at it. If he's a golfer, it clearly indicates a certain distinction which only a BMW will accurately reflect, both at the club bar and as a symbol for the rest of us in society. Putting golf clubs in a F type is like drawing a moustache on the Mona Lisa. An act...
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    Failing turbo rescue?

    I can't commnet directly on MB turbos, but I've dealt with an Audi turbo that was clogged up and couldn't decide whether to work properly or drop into limp mode. Forget Mr Muscle or any other snake oil solutions, they're all just pants. The only way to clear carbon build up is to remove the...
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    Is this Normal Behaviour ? Ft e55k lol

    Good job they didn't catch you with anything stuck up the exhaust pipe. .
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    My eyes hurt

    Take a car that had Posh Spice involved in the styling. Take the top off. Paint it metallic orange (or to be more acccurate, a shiny version of the exact colour you get down the pan the night after a poor curry on top of eight pints, followed by a kebab on the way home). What's not to like...
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    MOT trap for the unwary.

    I think you just made my point for me. You'd be on the hook even driving it home after a failure or for that matter, driving it to a test before it even failed. .
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    MOT trap for the unwary.

    Back in the good old days, some garages would do a "pre-test". Same price as an MOT but if there's problems you only got told for info. If there's no problems, then the MOT costs £0. I know a garage that still effectively does it, by inspecting then running it round to the testing station...
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