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    W168 Auto transmission fluid level

    Yeah to be honest I did wonder about that. The trans fluid came out red and oily, not contaminated looking. Cant rule it out though. Coolant tank still appears topped up.
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    W168 Auto transmission fluid level

    Just following on from before.... I drained nearly 1.5 litres of fluid out of this transmission tonight to get it to the correct level. Took it for a drive and it's transformed the car. This car has always felt underpowered and I've replaced lots of things to try to sort it. It looks like it was...
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    W168 Auto transmission fluid level

    Hi All, The wife has a W168 auto which I had a refurbished transmission fitted to about 6 years ago by a trans specialist in London. Original trans had a blown clutch drum. Well the trans has started acting up again. Thumping when coming to a stop and flaring 2 to 3rd gear change. I though I...
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    W168 A class injector clamp bolts

    Hi all.... it's been a long time since i've been on this forum. I now have another mecedes with a question. I'm repairing leaking injector seals. I bought a couple of new clamps and stretch bolts from MB but mine seems to have studs and nuts to secure the clamps. Does this sound correct or has...
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    e220 cdi surges on idle

    Hi all, I went for a run down to portsmouth and back the other day. After I came off the the A31 duel carriageway I had to stop at the roundabout. From idle it surged. I almost thought I had been nudged from behind. I carried on, but now it happens once every couple of days. Does...
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    Bloody chavs

    Just a side note on the locking valve caps. I've heard of the whole valve being ripped out in frustration due to these being fitted.
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    Sky+ pros/cons

    I phoned up sky and told them that I wanted to cancel my contract because I keep missing my programming. After a bit of a chat with them they offered me a sky+ system for £60 (if i remember correctly) fitted. A lot cheaper than buying a £200 box. Not sure if they still do this though.
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    Help with comand fault code

    Yeah I just went out in the car earlier and it does seem to know the correct speed somehow. Things seem to have got messed up since I had the dash cluster enabled. Tony Purslow told me they wanted 2.5 hours to enable the dash and sort out comand as the steering wheel wasn't working etc. I told...
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    Help with comand fault code

    Hi all. A funny thing happened earlier today. My comand just shut off and wouldn't turn back on. After a minuit or 2 it turned on. So I checked the error codes and it had the following. B1767/0 Navigation parameter missing – number of teeth of ABS pulse rotor not configured ...
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    Getting Navi enabled on dash cluster.

    Well I went down to Tony Purslows today to get my Dash cluster enabled for my comand retro fit. I printed out the procedures for it from this site and handed them over to the service manager. They were a little confused at first as they had my down for a Garmin sat nav programming?!?. After...
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    You should remember this car from the famous TV show

    I would love to own that. I used to have a 1972 Buick Skylark with a 7 litre V8.It was matt black with flames up the front. I had to sell it to buy a house :-(
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    Urgent help needed Speed Pulse W210

    by the way what on earth do those white nylon straps do behind the glovebox? they are wrapped around the tubular support for the dash, are they something to do with the airbag?
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    Urgent help needed Speed Pulse W210

    Hi thanks for the replys everyone. I found the three lose wires and the green/black wire seems to work fine. It's quite alarming how much of the car you have to take appart to get that reinforcing plastic frame out of the dash. Took about 3 hours in total to fit. Inc running the gps antenna to...
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    Urgent help needed Speed Pulse W210

    Hi all... can anyone tell me where to find the speed pulse wire on my W210 year 2000. I'm fitting comand at the mo and cannot identify the correct wire
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    Aux lead for Comand part number help

    Thanks Richard thats a great help. I will order the pins today. The other plug that came was only a few pennies so all is well. I did think about cutting the wires flyer but I thought that if I ever want to remove the glove box again it might be handy to have the plug there.
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    Aux lead for Comand part number help

    Hi all... I need a little help again. I'm getting my parts list together ready to fit comand. I have everything now apart from one small part. I used for all my part numbers but one appears to be wrong. I ordered the plug for the aux loom as shown here Part no A037 545 06...
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    How to squeal on a non UK licence holder ?

    not too sure really. Police probally won't be interested. Maybe here?!? Driver Licensing Division Customer Enquiries (Drivers) Unit Swansea SA6 7JL Tel: 0870 240 0009 Fax: 01792 783071 Email: [email protected]
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    How to squeal on a non UK licence holder ?

    Not too sure exactly but my wife has a US license which was only good for 1 year after entry to the UK. Then she had to take her test over here. I believe your neighbour can either surrender her license and exchange for a UK one, or apply for a provisional and take the test.
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    can any1 tell me what these part no's are?

    Help needed with Comand part numbers Hi all... I'm getting ready to install my comand and I've ordered a load of stuff from MB I used for the parts list. However there are a couple of parts I have ordered but I'm not sure I need. I want to add the aux input cable to comand...
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    Audio 10 software version

    Hi all. How do I find out which software version my audio 10 cd player is? is it on a sticker on the unit? I will be selling it on fleabay soon and I noticed the units with the Q17 software version are going for around £200! while Q15 and so are going for about £80 Does the software version...
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