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    Looks like a nice SL for the money

    That SL is overpriced - the market has dipped of late and there are numerous bargains to be had well beneath the 15k mark. Some sellers are trying their luck with the weather improving and trying to shift early SL for 1996+ money. I've always looked out for SLs on the used car market and...
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    Performance Exhuast for SL500

    I'm looking into changing the centre sections of the exhaust on a 1991 SL500. The purpose is to allow some freeflow and remove the restricted feel of the response from the throttle, oh and it may sound nicer too. Has anyone replaced these sections and have there been any issues to report...
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    Birds UK - Experiences

    Has anyone used the specilaist tuner Birds UK based in Uxbidge? I've booked my SL500 for an inspection as they were slightly more expensive than any other speacialist (i.e. George Fraser or PCS) and much cheaper than a MB dealer. What experiences have you had?
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    Lowering springs for an SL500

    Thanks, i tried RTECH, they couldn't find a set suitable for an SL WITH the damper/ride adjustments. Eibach/H&R were the likely suspects. Still hunting...
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    Lowering springs for an SL500

    Can anyone recommend lowering springs for an SL500 fitted with ADS and height control. Brabus do a set for just under 1k and AMG only seem to offer a complete kit. I can't seem to find a set suitable for a vehicle with ADS/height control. Help appreciated.
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