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    MB changing direction to sell cars

    I had an E43 on order for months, but then as no build slot could be confirmed before the year end, the dealer returned my deposit, as they could no longer honour the discount. It’s bad as the dealer I used was very good, but now all orders have to go through MBUK, he couldn’t track one down and...
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    Do any dealerships sponsor this forum?

    But he doesn’t promote his services? Very petty minded posts and no wonder kHz is obviously fed up of his own forum. I’m off. Goodbye everyone. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Do any dealerships sponsor this forum?

    Very harsh and totally uncalled for.
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    Using an Indie for service

    Depending on the age of your vehicle, check out the MB Service plan. Introduction Nope, they won't be as cheap as an indie, but it's pukka MB and should something go wrong can provide marvellous value. And if nothing goes wrong, they give you some money back at the end, which recently happened...
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    The forum

    Surreal. Kick ‘em off. No complaints from me. If they don’t want to play by the rules, then they shouldn’t play the game.
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    Top Gear New Presenters.

    Simon Mayo appears to be available now :p
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    Top Gear New Presenters.

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    Anyone seen any good number plates on cars lately?

    Maybe quality car park is a better analogy... such a small space; what to do!
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    New member, Where to buy ?

    It's a few hundred quid. Not huge. I also know James is on holiday and isn't back until early November..... Oops wrote that earlier but didn't press the tit. James probably reads these when on holiday anyway so you'll probably get a reply on here tomorrow!
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    New member, Where to buy ?

    That's pretty much your lot. I use JBD from these boards (James in MB Norwich) and he will give back the CarWow bit to you (as long as you don't find him on CarWow). He's also very good at sourcing build slots and there's not much about the MB system he doesn't know about. He's also an AMG...
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    Mercedes Me activation

    Indeed. I always read through all the Apple ones!
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    Recall an Update

    They hate updating the maps as it takes so long, and sometimes fails. On the new ones though, the maps are updated over the 4G SIM, and I've only had the car 4 weeks and the maps have updated twice. When I got the car, on the A505, the Shell station changed to a BP, and I was peeved that it...
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    Another recall. SRPC1836

    They usually just fix 'em up when you have your regular service. If it's a really bad one you have a choice; go and get it done or blow up. Your decision. :D
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    Recall an Update

    Out of interest, I had my old E350 serviced at MB Temple Fortune, and I checked to see if they had updated the Maps the next day, and they hadn't. I was well peeved. So I phoned them up, ready for a fight, and the service manager couldn't apologise enough so he came round the next morning and...
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    Recall an Update

    Tell 'em to come and collect it and deliver it back once they've finished. Does seem really weird all the same!
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    Purchased a SLK at last

    I look forward to the pictures.....
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    Mercedes Me activation

    It’s the only way. The dealer may charge for their time if you didn’t buy the car from them. The previous owner should have been removed.
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    Model code for new E class coupe

    This would mean mine was 79,870 off the production line. And I thought I had one of the first ones :(
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    Why buy budget???

    Buy cheap buy twice. I’m over that when it comes to car parts but still make the same mistake over and over again with other things :wallbash:
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    Well hello there

    I was just bemused that your post started “ding dong” as after the title that was the only repost. The wonderful Leslie Philips Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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