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    w124 amber indicators

    I am pretty sure i have a set of original mb ones if your still looking.
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    Wanted W124 electric door mirrors

    Ive got a pair from a saloon but I don't know if there is a difference between coupe and saloon. andy
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    Car Hire at Pisa Airport

    I cant help with that but in case you were notaware the paper part of the driving licence is obsolete from 1st june so if you are hiring a car abroad you need to get a code from the dvla website which is valid for 72 hrs so the hire company can access your licence details on the dvla database to...
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    W124 Rear Lights Facelift/ Front Grill

    hi chris, no grill im afraid but i have two sets of rear lights, one facelift set and one pre facelift.Let me know if your interested. Andy
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    W124 coupe rear bulb holders

    I am pretty sure ive got some , will try to find them and get back to you.
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    w124 bodywork

    Hi , i have a front bumper but it has been sprayed blue black as i didnt like the two tone colour scheme on the earlier cars.If its of interest to you let me know 07711264589 andy.
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    W124 Wiper motor

    \i have also got one from a 92 if needed.
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    W124 fuel pump relay help requested

    If the aerial is wired correctly then turning off the radio should stop it from activating when you turn on the ignition.
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    W124 sideskirts and rear bumper

    Hi , i have a set of skirts and a rear bumper from a 1992 e280.They were originally grey but were sprayed 199 blue / black to match the bodywork as i didnt like the two tone colour scheme.Let me know if there of interest to you. Andy.
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    Wanted-aerial+other bits for W124 saloon 1992

    Hi, i have a complete aerial which was removed from my 1992 e280 if you are still looking. Andy
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    Electric aerial and passenger side wig mirrow for 124 wanted

    Hi are you still in need of an aerial, if so let me know as i have one.
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    w124 rear ' facelift clear' lights wanted

    Hi , i have a set if you are still looking. Andy
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    w126 SEC wanted for film work

    Hi, i will pass this on to my mate.He has a silver sec and wednesday his his normal day off.
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    Underfloor heating advice

    Hi, this is what i do for a living. Take up the amtico and the ply, Then lay 4 or 6 mm dukka board glued or screwed to the chipboard.Then lay the warm up cable taped down as mentioned earlier and if using normal tiles lay as normal,or if you want amtico laytex the floor and then the amtico.The...
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    Speeding tickets for my car. But it wasn't me.

    Strangley enough i was having a conversation earlier tonight with a group of people about this very subject and one chap whom i believe was talking from personal experience was saying that if the numerous offences were in a very short space of time on a stretch of road with more than one camera...
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    W124 Parts

    Yes i have found the motors just need to test them to confirm they are working.
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    W124 Parts

    The aerial that i have is a beru not a hirschmann and i cant seem to find the headlamp wiper motor. Andy.
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    W124 Parts

    Hi andy, i just got your pm.I am working away from home this week but will get them out at the weekend.If you have part numbers from yours then i can check so you dont get the wrong sent as well.
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    W124 Parts

    Am pretty sure i have a washer pump as wel, let me know and i'll have a look. Andy
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    W124 Parts

    Hi , i have a working aerial from my e280 that i scrapped recently if you are interested. Andy
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