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    Recommended MB specialists around Oldham

    I use a guy called Paul at MPH performance in Castleton for my SLK55 servicing. Near Rochdale.
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    Specialist around the Bury/Prestwich area Manchester

    I have taken mine to Paul at MPH performance in Middleton for the last few years .He is in the process of moving to Castleton just down the road. Knows his stuff and doesnt do work that is not required. Prices very reasonable and you can normally wait around if the car has been booked in in...
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    SLK 55

    Ive had mine for about 3 years now and I just love it. (172 SLK55). It is a bit pampered and doesn't see much wet weather but when it comes out for a blast it sounds fantastic under full chat...! I have no intention of selling it as I think its a beautiful car and the engine is both frugal if...
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    How economical is your AMG ??

    on a trip up to Aberdeen from Manchester it returned 33mpg...! and almost 500 miles to the tank full which is fantastic although quite dull ...! 2014 SLK AMG
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    SLK 55 Tyre issue

    Guys, thought I would update the thread. I never bothered with Kwik Flit again after this issue, but I never changed the tyres either. Whilst on another car Forum I noticed someone else mentioned this type of issue and it was suggested that if the car was stood for any period of time (which mine...
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    It's arrived.

    Yep , got mine today as well..!
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    SLK 55 Tyre issue

    Yep I did read that bit AMGeed, thats the bit I don't like. Take my tyre never to be seen again and then told to "Do One" no refund..!
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    SLK 55 Tyre issue

    Thanks AMGeed, That's my opinion but when I phoned them they said I would have to buy a new one and they will send the "faulty "one away for Continental to inspect. I may or may not get my money refunded. Which is not acceptable. I will let the tyre guy look at it on Friday and take it from...
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    SLK 55 Tyre issue

    Guys, about 3 months ago I bought 2 new front tyres ,Conti Sport 5,s and had them fitted at home by the Kwik fit mobile van. Bought from Kwik Fit as well All seemed well. Yesterday I took my wheel to a local tyre fitter as I thought I had lost a balance weight off the wheel so thought I would...
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    AMG Approved Used Warranty

    Not worth a w... anyway...! MB will wriggle out of anything they can IMO...!
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    Should I, or shouldn't i

    If you want some fun and a feel good factor but the SLK55. Forget the tales of this and that. Just experience it. Its a great car. Enjoy
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    SLK 55 AMG At MSL Performance !

    Looks like a real quality job. Excellent. Thanks for the pics and pricing.
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    When your cars not a daily and does hardly any miles between sevices

    If you own a garage then I would have no issue as a potential purchaser of your car in the fact you have serviced it at your garage. In fact I would expect it to be very well looked after if that was the case. I will not pay MB to touch my car.
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    SLK 55 AMG At MSL Performance !

    Any pics available yet?
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    SLK 55 AMG At MSL Performance !

    Sounds excellent. I would like to se the pics when available and also what sort of cost is involved here if you don't mind me asking? There doesn't seem much performance upgrades about for the 172 SLK 55 so very interested. Thanks
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    New C63s

    Only one comment Lucky Barsteward....1 Enjoy
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    Brakepads on E63 AMG

    Of course if you are Lewis Hamilton then go straight for the performance ones obviously.... Im not sure the Pagid ones are likely to fail for road use, but if your tracking the car then yes money talks
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    Brakepads on E63 AMG

    I would say there is no harm in trying the freebies from Halfords and then if you don't like them ,just change for something else. Got to be worth a try.
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    Park on drive , or not ...

    If I were a car thief I would be looking for the easiest car to get in and get away with . If I saw one with a disklok on I would be thinking that is extra time needed to get the car away when having to unlock it. And obviously more time for the owner to phone police or get some attention from...
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    Park on drive , or not ...

    On drive and get the old fashion steering lock on it (the big yellow thing, Disclok) as visual deterrent ,slow em down, put em off . Safer on drive from mindless morons who may target it for vandalism. I would dread parking such a car on the main road.
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