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    E55/E500 Estate

    Right, sadly its time to get rid of the good old CLS. Its served me well but its time for something more 'practical'. Any E series estates knocking around for sale on here? E55 or E500 I reckon.
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    Something practical

    Ok, ive been instructed that I need something practical. So estate it is. Anyone got anything for sale? Relatively low mileage would be nice. I think its got to be an E class for space reasons. So any E320, E500s? E55 would be nice but maybe a bit much :o Please show me what youve got
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    2005 CLS boot liner

    Anyone got one lying around or know where I can get one?
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    Cracking car for someone

    first one sold or link just not working?
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    Handsome e500

    I really like that colour. Im used to silver but would be happy with something that colour.
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    C55 too cheap?

    Rings some bells with me..I might be totally off base here but wasnt that a members car that sold relatively recently?
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    Picked up and wrapped my new C63 Coupe

    Good lord.
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    Anyone own my old C55 AMG

    I wish I owned that.
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    Scrooge's '03 E55 AMG

    god that looks lovely
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    Diesel scrappage scheme

    interesting. might convince me to get rid of my early 90s diesel landcruiser, the exhaust from which you can actually chew.
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    bloomin lovely that is
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    W203 C320cdi

    Ive read that the earlier years of this model had some issues, are the later ones considerably improved? Im looking at a 2007 model and wondering what i should be looking out for if anything other than the norm. Much as I wanted to move up to an AMG, i cant justify the cost at the moment...
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    my OLD e320 cdi back up for sale!

    Ooh thats nice.
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    Well it's finally here now.....

    Looks lovely. How much did you pay, if you dont mind me asking?
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    C55 vs E55

    yeah its quite a jump in power which is pushing me toward the e55 haha. youre right, i cant really know unless i give both of them a try.
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    C55 vs E55

    its the 219, 2006. the cls looks big but doesnt really feel too big. good to know the E is similar.
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    C55 vs E55

    Im in the market for something a little more powerful than what I currently drive and have my eyes on the C55 and E55. How much smaller is the C than the E? I can see the measurements online but how do they both feel? Does it feel like youre driving something much bigger when you are in the E55...
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    2006 CLS W219 Front Grille Upgrade

    What is the replacement grill from? What was it called on amazon?
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    SLK230K R170 Vivanite

    cute lil thing
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