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    E55 amg

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    E55 amg

    Bump £8300
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    E55 amg

    Bump. Price drop £8500
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    E55 amg

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    E55 amg

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    E55 amg

    Price drop. £8700
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    E55 amg

    Another bump.
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    E55 amg

    Bump, bump.
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    E55 amg

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    E55 amg

    Hi all, My car is for sale on auto trader. I'm going to add a link to my advert rather than list everything on here. The car is very clean and well looked after. It has been looked after by Terry at Wayne Gates in my ownership and the previous owner. Give me a pm or call via auto trader...
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    Skiers - advice needed

    Plus 1^^^^
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    Vmax video. My Eurocharged C63 vs DMS F80 M3

    The second race you had was impressive.
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    squeak (supercharger clutch?)

    Probably just your supercharger "chirp" mine does it. I'm lead to believe it's nothing to worry about.
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    The XF-R: Jekyll & Hyde in the metal.

    Bet he's already lining something elese up.
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    C63: old vs new

    Imo w204 sound much better.
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    Almost have my baby back...

    What bad luck did you have on the dyno?
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    Wide Body SL600

    Thumb up for d class. And his brothers great for body work.
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    Car advice

    I've got a pal who's selling his mk2 tt 3.2 v6. If your pal is interested I can have word.
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    Car advice

    Not for 7k
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    Airmatic out... but require additional info

    Can't really help bud. But the car looks awesome.
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