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    ML350: Bluetooth disappeared

    Hi I have a 2015 ML350 and within the audio menu, the Bluetooth option has disappeared. My Iphone still connects to command and I can make calls but can’t use Bluetooth to stream music. I’ve tried resetting command and deactivating/activating Bluetooth within systems but to no avail. Any...
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    Any remap group buys coming up?

    Thoughts on C63 remap without LSD?
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    2013 C63 values

    That's the problem, I don't know. It suits my life perfectly. Fast Q car that can take kids, my bike etc. On the agenda: V6 Exige (compromise) Evora S 997 Turbo
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    2013 C63 values

    Really? I was in Abz Mercedes today and they had a new standard C63 estate in black, on 19s.....price still showing as £59k! I just can't believe £42k for a new one...or £45k for that matter.
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    Did I pass you on Queens Road this afternoon? Someone in a C63 gave me a wave.
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    2013 C63 values

    This site:
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    2013 C63 values

    They're rivals. Did you expect me to be quote more or less? I think it's ok since a garage will make £3k-£5k
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    2013 C63 values

    Try we will buy your car .com They offered £39.5k. Dealership told me to try them. They're trying to be competitive to compete.
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    2013 C63 values

    Pretty much fully loaded without H&K. Tyres are meaty...I've still got 4-5mm tred on the rears after 10500 miles! Original set so shows I haven't been abusive to the car! Car in for its first service tomorrow.
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    2013 C63 values

    Anyone hazard a guess what my car is worth as private sale value and trade value? March 2013 Estate in black 18" 10500 miles How about value at 2 years old too? Thanks
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    Looking for first C63

    How about a 2013 Estate in black....and I'm Aberdeen based!?
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    C63 PPP rarely seen for sale

    Such as what? I remember contacting you about buying but opted to buy new. Sounds like a dodged a bullet
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    C63 Inserts

    Or wrap in carbon?
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    I love my AMG - But what next?

    I changed my Vantage for a C63 (more space for kids/bike). I'll probably go back to two car route. A S3/Golf Gti and a Lotus variant.
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    c63 AMG Or C63 AMG 507 Edition?

    Hving bought my car in new in March, I tend to keep my cars 1-2 years. So I'd be looking to change in March 2015. What's going to be my options? Will Merc have dropped the 6.2 by then?
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    New to site - C63 owner from Abz

    Hi All, Picked up my 63 in March and loving it so far. Noticed a few C63 owners on here from Aberdeen which is nice to see. Strange I've seen a few Coupe's going about but no estates.
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