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    SL Owners register

    21 Jackg SL55 F1 perf pack silver/ black
  2. J

    Any remap group buys coming up?

    I've got a SL55 F1 which I'll bring along too for a remap Jx
  3. J

    SL55 Performance Pack

    Ta, have dropped them a note Jx
  4. J

    SL55 Performance Pack

    So login' the SL55 especially with the roof down. How do i make it noisier without screwing MOT's any ideas? I live in Hants/West Sussex border Thanks Jx
  5. J

    SL55 Performance Pack

    Got one! Really pleased silver with black.
  6. J

    SL55 Performance Pack

    Hi Guys Im new to this forum but looking for a SL55 with F1 pack. Ideally under 30K miles. Thoughts? thanks Jack
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